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The eulogies were early? Huawei can continue to do business with American companies

An optimistic meeting between the leaders of the United States and China leads to a positive declaration for the giant company, with the next stage likely to restore the situation to its previous state and cancel all the sanctions imposed on it recently

Hit under Huawei's belt

The British processing core ARM is also announcing a freeze on relations with the Chinese manufacturer - while in the background there are estimates of a future deal that will save the situation

End of the Road? Google vs. Huawei (updated)

Further sanctions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer by the US government have also led to a dramatic move from Google - which could derail the business of its smartphones

Photo before all: Huawei P30 Pro in a comprehensive review

We took Huawei's new flagship device, which claims to be the best in the world when it comes to photography, for a long spin - does it justify the price? All the details inside

The obvious improvement? A new fast charger from Samsung to up to 25 watts

The Galaxy S5 10G will be offered with a charger that is supposed to be significantly faster than the other flagship devices from the giant company. Is there undeclared support for other models that can provide competition for developments from Huawei and its like?

Huawei's new smartphones - already in Israel

The P30 and P30 Pro models join the struggle for the heart of the Israeli consumer - with a smart clock gift for early ordering

In the opposite direction: Huawei's flexible device overwhelms us with technology - and at a price

The screens are even bigger and more impressive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, charging is the fastest ever - but the price of the Mate X may be higher than the NIS 10,000

Go for the jackpot: Huawei will unveil a collapsible 5G smartphone

Posters hung in the final preparations for the MWC conference in Barcelona reveal the mysterious Mate X - folding backwards to the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Another attempt to challenge Apple: Huawei launches a good and affordable 13 notebook

With three-core Whiskey Lake chips, an NVIDIA video card and a price tag that starts with 1,000 dollars - the new Matebook 13 is probably one of the most interesting premium handsets on CES 2019

The new Huawei: a megapixel 48 camera and a soul of a flag instrument at half price

Huawei celebrates new sales record despite US boycott, and introduces a young model to combine Sony's new generation camera with the senior Kirin 980 chip

The American struggle in Huawei is worsening

After a sweeping demand to stop using Chinese manufacturers' products among US government officials and even its various allies - one of the strongest figures in the company was arrested in Canada on suspicion of violating the sanctions imposed on Iran

Huawei Mate 20 Pro demonstrates the rapid loading of the new generation

The new flagship device with the charger that supplies up to 40 watts proves that this is not a gimmick only - with 75 charging percentages for its considerable battery capacity in just half an hour

Prepare for: Another promising smartphone from Huawei

Honor Magic 2, the direct competitor of the Mi Mix 3 and the Oppo Find X, will offer the same sophisticated 7 nanometer chip at Mate 20 - at a much more accessible price

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is available for early purchase in Israel - with a smart clock as a gift

Huawei's new models are landing in the local market at record speed thanks to the new focus of the manufacturer itself - with an interesting deal that also includes the Watch GT

Up to NIS 9,000 for smartphones: Huawei goes all the way

Four different devices make up the Mate 20 family - the most ambitious Chinese manufacturer ever successful

Reports before launch: Huawei Mate 20 will offer an extremely fast load

Will the new leading models officially introduced later in the day be about to become new battery champions in the market?

It's already exaggerated: smartphone with 7.12-inch screen

Huawei's Honor brand breaks another record in the dimensions of smart devices designed to fit into our pocket

This time without any help from anyone: Huawei is returning to the Israeli market

After the crisis with the local representative Electra and withdrawal to solve the problems - the largest Chinese manufacturer again storming the local audience with its latest models

No waiting for anyone: Huawei Mate 20 Lite is here

He does not look like his older siblings, but does the Mate's new Mosel model have its own right to exist anyway?

Interestingly, the Huawei Mate 20 will not be like anyone else

A small round front fender and a massive rear-mounted photo array - the new Chinese model is almost ready to challenge Note 9

Advertisement Battle: Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple and Huawei

Samsung launches new humorous advertisements designed to laugh at Apple's expense - while Huawei is trying to exaggerate the Note 9 itself

We will not stop selling: Huawei shatters another personal record

China's top-ranked manufacturer is taking second place in Apple's smartphone market for the first time, and the plans for the future also include a triumphant dream of Samsung

Huawei launches smartphone with 6.95 screen

Did you think that the Mi Max 3 is the highest record? Now he has a competitor who manages to cram a slightly larger display into it

The giant of Huawei

The Chinese actress is about to launch the first modern smartphone with an 6.9

Get ready: A smartphone with nine cameras is under development

It was only a matter of time: the startup company that launched an innovative camera with 19 Image Sensors is working to bring its technology to our smart pocket devices