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Huawei Ascend P6: Meet the thinnest smartphone in the world

Huawei launches another advanced smartphone from its Ascend series, which is considered the thinnest in the world with only a thin 6.18-millimeter profile

Samsung is preparing an 5.9 AMOLED screen "- for Note 3?

Samsung continues to release press releases to keep the flame of high curiosity and announces a new smartphone device that it is expected to release to the market in the second half of the year, with an OLED screen of 5.9-

Huawei introduces its new smartphone smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer continues to innovate and innovate when it introduces the Ascend P2: a smart and innovative smartphone that will be marketed worldwide

A flood of new ultra-portable chipsets at 2013 CES

The huge exhibition has provided us with a sea of ​​announcements about new and advanced products that will soon compete for the right to be the ones to activate your next smartphone and / or tablet. Introduce yourself to the future of the field

Huawei presents a huge tablet and a device that is dedicated to HTC and Sony

The Ascend Mate comes with a screen size of 6.1 inches and laughs on the Samsung 2 and the Ascend D2 aligns with the excellent HTC Droid DNA screen - and Windows Phone 8

Coming Soon from Huawei: The World's Greatest Smartphone (Update: Documentation)

The Chinese manufacturer does not cease to surprise, with the news that the company will soon be presenting the largest tablet in the market - with an 6.1 screen,

Quad-core smartphone from Huawei, cheap

The Chinese media equipment manufacturer continues the tradition - and launches a new smartphone called Honor 2, which includes a respected technical specification and a price tag that fits every pocket

Ascend D Quad lands at the end of the month

Huawei's quad-core flagship will be launched after quite a few delays and malfunctions at the end of this month. Does it still have a chance against the best of the leading market makers?

Reporting: ZTE is preparing the world's thinnest smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer is seeking to grab the coveted title from the country with the Athena smartphone, which will supposedly offer a Cortex A15 processor and a thickness of 6.2 millimeters only

Google will sell Motorola's mobile device division?

Internet rumors say Google wants to get rid of Motorola's smartphones and tablet design division. Chinese Huawei may be the one to jump on the bargain

Huawei Ascend D Quad: First Performance Tests

The impressive smartphone from the Chinese company and the new quad-core chip in which they are being tested justify the "strongest market"

More surprises from Huawei - a powerful tablet, an impressive smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer's line-up at MWC does not end with the intriguing Ascend D Quad: there is also an 1080p tablet and quad-core chip, an Ascend D quad-core smartphone

Ascend D Quad - Huawei's monstrous smartphone

Chinese media giant threatens to enter the big league with an advanced quad-core smartphone based on its own K3V2 chip

Ascend P1 S: The new king of thinness

Move aside, Droid RAZR - Huawei's new smartphone offers uncompromising intensity and precision that we have not seen yet