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Israeli prestige: NVIDIA won the race and will acquire Mellanox

Yokneam is expected to become the second largest exit in the Israeli market

Now on the net: NVM drives at the lowest price to date

Have not you yet upgraded to a fast SSD from the New Age? The prices are better than ever before and make the option the most attractive

NUC is the most powerful in the environment: a tiny computer with a hexagonal processor cores

Looking for maximum power in Intel's smallest configuration? This device may be the dream come true for you

Huge investments and highs: Intel is racing ahead

Another record quarter, huge investments in Israel and the United States and even the possibility of buying Mellanox - despite the technological delay, it seems that the chip manufacturer is not slowing down

Intel officially launches graphics-less processors - to cut prices?

The Core family of the ninth generation has been on the shelves for several months at quite high prices - and now it seems that the potential for costs will be a little more wrenching thanks to the first models of their kind where the built-in graphics core is not active

Intel at CES 2019: Get to know the Ice Lake generation - producing 10 nanometers for the masses

The chip giant gave us a small glimpse of its own nanometer 10 nanometer at the biggest technology show - Meet the Next Generation of Mobile Processors

Crazy or logical? The Intel Core 28 processor receives price tags

The unique Xeon W-3175X model, which became famous thanks to the same show-off demonstration on the stage alongside a commercial refrigeration unit, will probably be priced at 3,900 when officially launched

A glimpse into the beginning of the next decade: Intel demonstrates massive 10 nanometer processors

Intel's Architecture Day also provided us with some juicy teasers for the world of 2020 servers - with the Ice Lake family product demo

Now in stores: tiny computers with the first 10 nanometer processor of its kind in Intel

The modest and only Cannon Lake model launched a few months ago joins the Intel NUC family

New Details on Xe, a Brand of Intel Graphics Cards

The plans to create custom graphics cores and graphics cards based on them are not disappearing, but are gaining momentum - with a growing architecture that will fit both the most modest home solutions and the world of servers and information centers

Get Ready for Sunny Cove: Intel Unveils Innovative Architecture with Advanced Production Techniques

The chip manufacturer announces the end of the battle of an era and the beginning of a whole new era in the microprocessor world. Meet the 10 procedure and the modern nanometer architecture you will enjoy

Intel is preparing Glacier Falls: the next upgrade in HEDT

The leaked documentation that provided us with preliminary details about the AMD X570 also provides us with the name of a new intriguing chipset from Intel

Intel will offer 10 processors cores to the masses even before switching to 10 nm? (Updated)

It is very difficult to find Intel's latest eight-core processors in stores - but the manufacturer may already be in the process of developing a new and larger generation

Lenovo is inadvertently unveiling Intel's next generation of mobile processors

The ninth generation will come to the mobile market as a replacement for the Whiskey Lake models that have just begun to appear in stores

The Extreme Re: Core i9 9980XE processor with 18 cores in the controller

Intel is refreshing its line of high-end HEDT processors - and we're going to look at how it actually looks compared to the flagship product last year

Intel's counter-attack: details on new architectures next month

After announcing Cascade-AP processors with up to 48 cores, Intel's next step is a press conference to talk about future architectures, much like AMD's New Horizon event

Welcome to the era of "pasted" processors

Not long after ridiculing AMD's technology, Intel is announcing a new formidable 48 processor that will actually consist of two separate chips,

Maximus XI Extreme Review Board

Meet one of the world's most advanced motherboards - the new flagship of Intel's Z390 chipset

The monstrous motherboards waiting for the Intel Core 28 processor

Asus and Gigabyte are developing large and highly advanced motherboards for the unique Xeon W-3175X model intended for home consumers

Intel: Record revenue that hits the forecast

All the problems within the process of transition to 10 nanometer lithography and the shortcomings of current generation products are not driven from chip chipsets to break economic records

Eight-core speeding: Core i9-9900K breaks records with the rush to 7.1GHz

Intel is meeting some of the world's fastest carriers to take the new model to the edge of physics - and break some records for octagonal models on the way there

Dynamic memories of 128GB (almost) for everyone

Intel confirms that its new generation of processors supports memories in a total volume double than before - just in time to announce the first models that will enable this in practice

The Delidding is still alive and kicking

Despite the transition to the use of high-quality soldering between the processing chip and the new generation shield, the process of separating and replacing the material independently may improve the thermal performance received

Intel: Rumors about the death of 10 nanometer technology are quite exaggerated

A controversial journalist made a sensational announcement - and Intel was forced to react unusually and assure the world that the production process they are working on for over a decade is moving forward with no change

Intel Core i9 Processor 9900K in Comprehensive Auditing

Intel is launching a new series of processors and we have taken its glowing Core i9 9900K for testing: the popular desktop market finally gets 8 processing cores from Intel