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The Space Agency watches that blockbuster on Kickstarter

Who said "silly" analog watches are no longer in fashion? Apparently it all depends on the design

the next big thing? Get to know the headphones that filter out the noise from the whole world

How they did not think about it before: a new mass funding project offers you smart noise filtering from the environment, regardless of listening to music

The game that wants to be the successor of XCOM is underway (updated)

The Mass Funding campaign of the intriguing game Phoenix Point manages to raise nearly half a million dollars in two days, filling us with hopes for the genre of action in turn

Meet the new success stories of the world of mass finance

The continuation of a pair of indie favorite games has been able to accumulate the amount of funding they need with impressive speed, and give renewed hope to the field

The Apocalypse is Here: The Immortal Movie That Attempts to Become a Game (updated)

Remember Apocalypse Now? Now there is a team of veteran developers trying to turn it into a game, with the original director's blessing and with the kind help of Kickstarter

Nostalgia strikes again: Familiarize yourself with the hit of funding the fresh masses

Four years after the Pillars of Eternity title convinced Web surfers that he was a worthy spiritual heir to games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, it's time to get to know the ambitious sequel

Against odds: The personal computer that is a portable gaming console is a success

After a previous failure, the SMACH Z console is on its way to becoming a real product thanks to Kickstarter

New: Control your smartphone and smartphones without touching them

A small, cool product called Bixi wants to get your money in mass funding and become a kind of Kinect for your smartphones

Mass-funded cookies

Is that already exaggerated? Someone decided to create a special device for baking smart cookies, with the generous help of the Kickstarter platform

New Network: USB Wireless Storage Drive

An up-to-date Kickstarter project that wants to get you financing offers a storage solution that will work with both your computer and smartphones very easily
Pen 3Doodler Pro

The 3-D Pen is rising to the Big League

The 3Doodler Pro opens new creative capabilities for architects, engineers, and anyone else in the 3D space - and the results are spectacular

One of the original and hilarious games wants to make a comeback, with your help

The legendary Tim Schaefer is trying to upgrade the new crowd financing platform that helped establish with the announcement of the 2 Psychonauts, for both fans and investors

The AuraVisor offers a slightly different approach to wireless virtual reality

The Kickstarter Fresh project offers virtual reality glasses that do not need wires and wires, and leave your smartphone alone

Get to know the smart, sleek digital clock that ends a very successful recruitment campaign

The Clock clock managed to raise 1.5 million dollars on the Kickstarter platform with a cool concept that allows the clock itself to add capabilities to the device

Counter-current: Smartphone The McIxtarter cloud is available for early purchase

The Nextbit Robin smartphone, which claims to incorporate cloud storage as an integral part of it and has been a good success on the mass-financing platform, is available for purchase for 400 Dollar

The big comeback of the giant robots

The people who brought back the Shadowrun series are enjoying a great new success in the Kixstarter platform, this time with a brand based tactical title inspired by MechWarrior and MechCommander

The series of Divinity games continues to flourish

Improved version of Divinity: Original Sin will be launched at the end of the month, while the sequel completes its Kickstarter campaign with an impressive recruitment

The new game of the creators of Darksiders is a general Japanese style RPG

The new studio of two of the founders of Vigil Games remembers the success of the Kickstarter with a new and surprising title called Battle Chasers: Nightwar and will be based on comics created by one of them

Return to the masses: Divinity: Original Sin 2 lands in Kikstarter

One of the most prestigious role-playing games that has been seen here lately is direct continuation, which will also be based on a mass-funding campaign on the popular site

Million Dollar Comeback in the Gaming World (Updated)

Wasteland and Torment return to Kickstarter for the third time to bring back the classic Bard's Tale series

See: Diablo with Scented Crysis (updated)

Umbra is a new game that combines the impressive graphics capabilities of the CryEngine engine with the familiar and addictive Hackn'Slash world of Diablo and its likes, and is on your way thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign

This week in Gaming: Assassins in London, heir to Castlevania in Kickstarter

Get to catch up on the major news of the past week: Assassin's Creed arrives in England, Rainbow Six Siege gets launch date, KONAMI announces new and surprising direction and more

Meet the new game that breaks records in Kickstarter

Who said the platform games genre is dead? A new game from the well-known developer Emer Gain more than a million dollars in funding in less than a day on the social kickoff site Kickstarter

Kraftwerk: A portable fuel cell that will change your digital life

The German eZelleron company has developed a safe and portable fuel cell that will change the way we think about charging our mobile devices

The mouse that will keep you healthy

A new financing campaign by the Mionix peripheral equipment manufacturer seeks to create the gaming mouse that will monitor your health metrics while playing