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Would you pay 730 euros for a Linux-based laptop?

A small Spanish company believes that the market has a place for high-end Linux computers and will try to conquer it with the KDE Slimbook

The Chinese promise: a laptop at 90 dollars

Want a cheap and inexpensive mobile device for surfing? The creators of the Pine64 microprocessor promise to provide you with a pair of offers that will leave a surplus of 100 dollars

Up-to-date laptops do not allow Linux installation, and Microsoft and Lenovo are on the defensive

Chinese manufacturers' fresh mobile phones arrived at the stores with a set of definitions that can not be identified by Linux distributions, but it seems that this is not a deliberate trend against the open source world
Onion Omega2

Watch: A tiny computer in 5 dollars wants to beat the Raspberry Pi Zero

The Kickstarter project, which will soon be completed, offers a tiny Linux-based computer at a nil price

The right direction: Microsoft is taking another step into the open source world

Microsoft has announced that the environment that includes the command interface and scripting language will now be freely available in competing operating systems