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Prepare to multiply volumes: Samsung has begun mass production of 4GB DDR128 modules

The Korean giant is using its three-dimensional production technologies to produce DRAM memories in unprecedented volumes

More specials that should not be missed: RAM memories in Amazon

Another hot sale lets you purchase Crucial DDR3 and DDR4 RAMs at great prices

Remove the juice from Cascillix with the XPATA Z1 memory of ADATA

The new ADX DDR4 memories will enable you to get the best performance in Intel's new generation of processors

The 3D Xpoint technology from Intel and Micron is the hardware revolution we've been waiting for?

The two companies have announced innovative technology for storing information without the need for transistors, which threatens to turn both flash chips and DRAM memories into obsolete, within a year from now

Kingston continues to dominate the RAM memory market

The American company continues to accelerate forward, and is approaching 60 of the market share of the DRAM module market. Who trailed behind her on the list?

Samsung Introduces: Great, fast storage for your future smartphone

Shortly after announcing its new eMMC 5.1 chips, Samsung launches memory chips based on the ultra-fast UFS 2.0 standard, which comes in high volumes of up to 128 gigabytes

Intel: The 3-D NAND memory revolution - in the coming year

The chip giant will launch advanced stacked chips over the next year - promising that they will change the face of the SSD market

G.Skill in new RipJawsZ Memories for all requires

G.Skill, a leader in fast memory, expands the award-winning RipjawsZ family with no less than 15 ultra-fast DDR3 memory packs

Prices of memories are leaping - the results of the fire at the Hynix plant

As the smoke dissipates and it becomes clear that the magnitude of the disaster due to the fire are rising memory prices gradually. A jump in prices has already been observed in Israel

Kingston is breaking records with terabyte USB memory

CES 2013: If you think that USB flash memory in 16GB or 32GB volumes is simply not enough, Kingston has new USB drives in 512GB and 1TB volumes just for you

3-D NAND chips on the way to the mainstream

Applied Materials unveils innovative chip-cutting technology that promises to bring us a step closer to three-dimensional NAND memories that will be more compact, more efficient and cheaper.

Hi South: Interview with CEO Micron Israel

Did you know that one of the world's major factories manufacturing NOR flash memory chips is here in our small country? We went out to check the state of the Israeli chip industry

IBM introduces a prototype of the Racetrack memories

IBM's "baby" promises us all the best in the world - tremendous speed, high density and low price. A new prototype brings us one step closer to the day when it will happen

Sandy Bridge E - Extreme New

In this generation, too, we have had an extreme generation, bringing with it performance-based processors and motherboards based on the new X79 chipset and even larger memory sets. The whole package is in a comprehensive review

Scientists have developed fully flexible RRAM memories

A group of Korean researchers presents an important breakthrough in the development of flexible computers

Toshiba and Hynix will develop "magnetic" RAM memories together

Will Japanese-Korean cooperation bring us a new and advanced generation of RAM memories?

G.SKILL: Extreme it's us

The company's Computex booth was crowded with overkillers and monstrous computer systems

Corsair introduces: dizzying speed, low voltage

The well-known memory manufacturer offers advanced DDR3 memory for ultra-low-voltage OVERCLOCKERS

Silicon Power: Memories with built - in sensor

Silicon Power has announced the formal launch of memories with built-in temperature sensors

DDR3NUMX Membright and OCZ memories

DDR3 memory from Patriot for new Intel processors and DDR3 memory from OCZ for mobile devices

Corsair: High speed DDR3 memories

Corsair shows mostly memories and suppliers, when the company's memories accompanied by a compelling purpose explanation

Patriot: Memories of all shapes

The company presented in the exhibition mobile memories and volumes, in a variety of shapes and sizes

Not just memories from Super Talent

Super Talent has long since produced not only memories, but it also transfers some of its weight to the SSD market

OCZ First Release XMP Memories

OCZ is the first to announce new memories using Intel's Extreme Memory technology

Table with built - in DDR3 memories

Asus announces a new motherboard with built-in DDR3 memories for the upcoming technology