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View: The fall of the Explorer

A graphic video showing the market share of the various browsers over the past decade illustrates how the technological world that has surrounded us has changed

An offer you can not refuse? Microsoft offers free access to its games at a ridiculous price

Deal Fresh will give you three months of access to the Xbox Game Access service (which is also relevant on personal computers) for less than four shekels

The same price, double the number of cores: Microsoft upgraded the Surface Book 2

The advanced hybrid mobile is now available in a base version with a modern quad-core chip - while a dual-core version gets a price drop

Halo: The Master Chief Collection arrives at personal computers (updated)

Will PC owners soon be able to fill in large gaps in the past in the Master Chief's story?

Microsoft on the way to buy a giant in Israel?

The well-known network equipment manufacturer Mellanox may soon become part of the empire of Satya Nadela and his partners

Save to Windows computers: Get to know the most powerful Snapdragon chip

Along with the 855, we also got a glimpse of the Snapdragon 8cx, which makes it clear that the desire to make 10 windows run optimally based on the ARM architecture is still alive and kicking

Unlimited games from Microsoft, even on personal computers

The Xbox Game Pass program is officially on its way to 10 windows and will provide direct competition to EA's Origin Access, which already operates in the field

Microsoft corrects the problems of the present and marks the future

While the revised version of the Big October update is still in preparation, the company is announcing an application that will fix performance losses as a result of Spectre - and a future ability to better control the applications installed on your system

Microsoft's great gaming console for 2018

The title of the new races is probably Microsoft's best exclusive for 2018 - and enjoys impressive sales of more than 2 million units at the start of his career

Microsoft folds: eliminates warning against installing competing browsers in Windows 10

The latest update of the operating system added a new "method" to promote the Edge browser to unsuspecting users - and now it has also been shelved, after a brief phase of online rage

Microsoft Orders Department: Time for the comeback of Surface?

Have you missed? A Microsoft launch event next month is expected to give us new Windows devices

The price is cut, the style remains: the new Microsoft Surface

The popular tablet comes back in a reduced, up-to-date version

More than 450 reasons to wait for him: List of vehicles in Forza Horizon 4 was exposed

The great racing title of the year 2018 should contain a particularly rich selection, which was revealed earlier than expected

New games on the way: The swing of gaming on the PC does not stop

Among the countless games that appeared at the annual E3 exhibition, there was also widespread interest in personal computers - from Sega, EA and Microsoft

Five Keys More Games: Microsoft 's New Acquisition Craze

After years of shuffling, the technology giant hopes to regain the status of a gaming powerhouse with the purchase of five young gaming keys

Approaching a billion: 10 windows celebrates a new user record

Two and a half years after the launch, Microsoft seems to be in a safe way to make its latest operating system the largest ever with a pool of one billion computers running it

The richest man in the world opens a big gap

After making history and going on to ten-digit capital for the first time, Jeff Bezos appeared not far from the day when 2 would be worth more than anyone else around the globe

Microsoft headache: File protection in the 10 application store has been cracked

The UWP of the application store built into the latest Windows system was supposed to be unbreakable - the pirates proved otherwise, again

Surprising changes in Google's search engine as part of the fight against copyright infringement

The image search engine of the technology giant becomes much more limited suddenly - trying to please the largest image provider in the market

Microsoft does not stop: record revenue and new notebook models

The giant company celebrates a successful quarter with the launch of updated versions of Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop

Is there a chance that Microsoft will acquire EA Games for 40 billion?

A new and juicy rumor predicts a huge deal that will allow the Xbox One manufacturer to offer more exclusive quality titles to potential buyers

This is not a mistake: the new Windows update eliminates the Spectre patches

After some of the fixes to the security holes in the processors have done more harm than good, Microsoft has been able to undo them in a new update to its operating systems

Prepare to conquer: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will launch on 20 in February

Recovery to the legendary strategy game wins an updated launch date from Microsoft

Joins the race: Yamumi introduces the cheapest smart speaker

The Chinese company is raising its Yeelight sub-brand to compete in the growing market of smart homes - with the support of two famous digital assistants in one product

A five-digit sum as the base price: The Surface Book 2 was launched in Israel

One of the most advanced hybrid tablets on the market came to Israel - with a massive cost