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Invent a creative slogan for SanDisk's SSD and win one mobile Winners

"The last slowness you will need to experience is the shipment of Israel Post" - the following are the best winners and slogans at the launch event of SanDisk's portable SSD

NVIDIA is preparing a GDDRXNUMM memory card for the cheap portable video cards

Network reports that the chip developer is preparing upgraded MX versions of the simplest mobile GeForce models, with fast GDDR5 memory to replace the DDR3

At LG, we are preparing a large laptop weighing less than a kilogram

The Korean manufacturer gives us a small taste of the new products that will be presented at CES at the beginning of next year. The menu includes a variety of advanced screens,

Reports: Xiyomi's first laptop will offer old hardware at a very good price

The Chinese meteorologist plans to expand on the world of laptops at the beginning of 2016, and may do so with unusual and unexpected combinations

GeForce GTX 965M video card with improved performance on the way

New evidence suggests that the NVIDIA mobile gaming model will soon receive significant performance

Encore: More excellent laptops at Amazon

If you do not have a basic fear of ordering large products online, you can now get different kinds of laptops at a very significant discount

Mobile Monster: New performance tests for the Mobile GeForce GTX 980 cards

Detailed and up-to-date performance tests for the new NVIDIA portable video card confirm that this is one of the most impressive technology products we have seen this year

Flashing or a bad joke? Samsung's huge tablet is about to launch

Samsung decided that an 18.4-inch tablet is exactly what this fading market needs. Let's see him decide whether they are in the direction of the young tablet market and has already moved from marching instead of back surfing in terms of number ...

Lenovo does yoga: Meet the new 900 series

Lenovo unveils its new yoga series, the 900, which includes an up-to-date model of the hybrid mobile range with significantly improved power, lower weight and more upgrades

Initial performance tests for the Mobile GTX 980 indicate a bright future

The most powerful mobile video card in the world does the job and offers capabilities that are very close to those of its stationary twin

Microsoft's first laptop feels like a MacBook Pro on steroids

The new Surface Book is even more expensive than the Surface Pro 4, but it may also be the most powerful computer you'll find at a pound and a half

The Surface Pro 4 is a sophisticated, expensive and wonderful tablet

The fourth generation of Microsoft's tablet is even more compact, diverse and powerful. Will it also finally be relevant for Israelis? Not sure

Microsoft's Evening: Bracelet, Smartphones, Tablet and even Competitor for Pro Bottle

The software giant continues to develop with its hardware business with a line of up-to-date and impressive products

Watch the first trailer of the movie version of Angry Birds

Is it possible that the cinematic adaptation of the famous mobile games series will be a quality surprise?

Another Technological Record: NVIDIA Launches GTX 980 Desktop for Notebooks

The green chip developer continues to surprise us with its Maxwell 2.0 generation and launches, in line with expectations, a full-size GeForce GTX 980 card for laptops

New details about NVIDIA's most powerful mobile video card

The advanced graphics card seen on the Asus' crazy water cooling water and not yet officially introduced will be called GeForce GTX 990M, or Mobile GeForce GTX 980

Asus is rampant with a laptop that features a water cooling position

Want a massive gaming mobile that connects to an external crate and can keep cool wherever you are and in any situation? Meet the Asus GX700, which combines genius and madness in one package

Lenovo is renewing its popular gaming line

The latest versions of the Chinese Y family include upgraded design and quad-core processors from the Skylake section

Toshiba's new laptop offers you 4K in ultra compact packaging

The Japanese manufacturer is trying to beat Lenovo in a game it invented with a new 360 mobile device that includes the most crowded screen in the entire category

A first glimpse of a laptop with an open product processor from the Skylake section

Intel's surprising promise is taking shape on the stage, with the first show of a gaming mobile with a K-processor that can be rushed

Flashing or a joke? Intel will offer mobile processors with fast capabilities

Is it possible that the new Skylake generation will provide us with first-class mobile K processors that can be speeded independently?

Mobile Skylake Processors: The on-line models are exposed

Intel's new generation mobile processor models are being exposed thanks to updated, updated slides

Looking for affordable wireless speaker at the cheapest? Xiaomi came to your aid

Xiaomi's wireless speaker can be yours for less than NIS 100, and promises to deliver everything you find at competitors at a price that is several times higher

Lenovo's new laptops are the first ever with an Xeon processor

Intel's enterprise processor brand expands on the mobile world and lands on new ThinkPad computers that promise to be the most advanced laptop

Introducing the Acer Cloudbook: the cheapest windows mobile in the market

The Taiwanese manufacturer is unveiling its ultra-cheap laptop, which will cost only $ 170 in 11 and 200 in the 14 version. Revolution or just an unnecessary imitation of chromobox? Come and be judged