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Roundup 7 Heavy Duty Heaters

In this review, we will present to you a number of main heat sinks that are sold in our country and have gained great popularity, from medium heat sinks to heat sinks ...

Sliding Guide

Sliding Guide

In the next tutorial, we will learn how to make your power supply or any other cable easy and efficient

Moder's diary

Moder's diary

Modding is one of the most fascinating computers in the world. Let's get to know the people behind Dremrel

Modding Group

HWzone's eighth weekly modding group, which brings together interesting projects from across the network

Modding screen? Why not

If you need further proof that modding is gaining momentum in the world (as if you have not received enough proof of this so far), then the project ...

Modding project - SpiderCase

And after seeing Bit-Tech's Orac³ project (and if you have not seen it - you will be ashamed of yourself), we will present you with an interesting moding project not ...

Moding project - Orac³

One of the most interesting and immersive modding projects in the modding community lately is the Orac³ from the creator of Bit-Tech known for its unique modding projects ...

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