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Asrock's new board is trying to bring the 3.1 USB to the masses

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new competitive motherboard offers a pair of up-to-date 2 USB connections at a price that does not rip the pocket

Motherboard Review: MSI's new simple and beautiful

We took a look at MSI's B510A Gaming Pro, a motherboard that came to integrate a wink with support for Intel's new processors

Introducing Corsair's impressive compact water cooling system

Closed water cooling system for Mini-ITX systems? It is no longer a fantasy

New fashion? MSI Launches Rainbow Six Siege Gaming Motherboard

The new MSI motherboard is called the Z170A Krait Gaming R6 Siege, and is integrated with the new UBSoft brand. The beginning of a wonderful friendship?

The Maximus VIII Extreme board: Asus's leader comes to conquer

Introducing the ASUS 'Maximus VIII Extreme, the motherboard that promises to be the leading and most advanced of Intel's new LGA1151 chassis. It comes to us for criticism and opens the winter with many qualities and capabilities we have not seen before

Want a new motherboard as a gift? Guess its price Winners

Think you understand the hardware world? Does this fit a shiny new motherboard for the launch of the generation of Skilike processors? We have a quiz just for you

The motherboards market is shrinking, but Asus and Gigabit are increasing their lead

Depending on the complexity of the complex computer systems market, it seems that the hardware components market is not really shining in 2015

Antec P50 Case Review: The advanced cube that will not rip your pocket

We took a look at Antek's new P50 case. Let's find out if we have another worthy competitor in the advanced cube package market

Long live the speed: ASRock launches expansion cards and motherboards with USB 3.1

As the 3.1 USB device approaches the hands of the average consumer, ASRock launches two expansion cards with various device connections, in addition to motherboards supporting this new version

X99-Gaming G1 WiFi Auditing: For gamers who want (much) more


Asus X99 Deluxe in Color Subcontracting

We took one of the best and most prestigious motherboards of Asus, the X99 Deluxe. Let's see how to do extreme right

Asrok introduces five new Z97 motherboards

ASRock gives a glimpse into five new motherboards that will be launched in a few weeks

Asrock launches two motherboards dedicated to Bitcoin mining

Asrock is directed to the market of reactors with two motherboards specifically designed for coin mining

Intel Reject Broadwell for First Quarter of 2014

Intel has encountered production problems with Haswell's heiress, which is expected to open the door to powerful, inexpensive tablets with longer battery life than ever before.

X79 DELUXE exposed - live transponders to LGA2011

The Asus X79 DELUXE is designed to close the technological gap with a LGA1150 chassis and presents some interesting features

Asrok and Assass display several new motherboards

Both manufacturers presented H81 panels designed for fourth-generation Intel processors

Leagal Killers Contest The winner!

Here's a great opportunity to win MSI's GD65 series - tell us a short (and tearful) story about the most brutal lug you've ever had!

Surprisingly: Asrok's future motherboards will be water-resistant

Selected ASROC motherboards will include a number of special features, one of which is a protective layer

A first look at ASRock's new motherboards

Leaked images and other information about the ASRock Advanced Motherboards, based on the chipset that will accompany the Haswell processors

MSI and Gigabyte give a glimpse of their advanced Z87 boards

The companies are slowly unveiling their Z87 chipsets, which will accompany the Intel Haswell generation of processors

MSI Launches Advanced Gaming Motherboard Series

MSI launches a new series of motherboards specifically for the most demanding computer players

The motherboards of the Haswell generation star at CeBIT

A number of leading motherboard manufacturers presented at the CeBIT exhibition the first versions of motherboards for the Z87 chipset, which will accompany the new generation of Intel

Motherboards for the Haswell generation are beginning to be exposed

We will be able to see motherboards ready for Intel's Haswell already at CeBIT 2013, which will begin officially tomorrow

Coming Soon: No more motherboards from Intel

As part of a change in direction in the company, Intel will stop manufacturing its motherboards

Welded processors from Intel: Now it's almost official

Intel's soldered processor debate continues, and now it's officially (in theory) - in a few years we'll start seeing more and more processors that will be sold pre-soldered to the motherboard