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Avengers: Infinite War - Billion Dollars Within 11 Days

With positive grades from most critics, an impressive mystery around the lines of the plot and an unprecedented amount of familiar heroes on one screen - The Avengers: The Infinite War is ready to begin its journey officially

Marvell celebrates: undisputed control of the world of film comics

The Black Panther dislikes the Dark Knight from its place - and now Disney's partner officially holds the top five super heroes movies ever

The Avengers: The Infinite War - on the way to becoming the biggest comics hit

The super-movie that will unite countless popular heroes on one screen is rapidly approaching us

Breaking the Web: New Video for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

A fresh trailer to the next major trilogy that comes in two months will sweep over 20 million hits on YouTube in less than a day

The Man of Steel Premiere: A New Trailer for the Justice League

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and friends together on one screen - is it the movie that manages to awaken Hollywood's sleepy 2017 year? We'll soon find out

Ignoring the Past: A new Terminator movie on the way with the original stars

James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the original Sarah Connor will make a movie comeback in 2019, continuing with '2'

In a billion-dollar budget: filming began for Avatar's four sequels

One of the most expensive and ambitious cinematic projects ever officially launched, equipped with a budget that would not have embarrassed a small country

Tom Raider's new trailer for the new incarnation

A decade and a half after Angelina Jolie helped create the most successful film based on a video game, we are approaching the new era - providing a whole new background story for Lara Croft

The final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy will be launched a little late, with a new-old director

The end of the third trilogy in the Star Wars universe will come in December 2019, with JJ Abrahams in the director's chair

The clown who woke Hollywood from a coma

The new horror film It breaks all records of the genre on its first weekend, after a few disappointing weeks in the movie theaters

A winning recipe? Spider-Man comes to the movie of Uncharted

The film, based on Sony's series of successful action games, will be a prelude to the rest of the plots and will be starring in the new Spider-Man

Hackers strike again: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be leaked to the network before launch?

Disney Studios may soon become the new victim of pirated content leaks - in a process that will cost them tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars

35 Once Upon A Time: First Trailer To Blade Runner 2049

The sequel to the best science fiction film ever created is approaching, and it seems mysterious and very intriguing

Indie Returns From Retirement And Star Wars Closes Trilogy: Disney Future Films

After we have received dates for future Avatar films, it is time to catch up on Walt Disney's plans for the next few years

Prepare your 3D glasses: The four sequels to Avatar get launch dates

Looking forward to the continuation of the plot of cinematic work that has made the most money ever? It comes in large size - at the beginning of the next decade

The spin-off? First glimpse of the new film in the series 'Fast and the Furious'

The eighth film in a series of action films that has become one of the biggest Hollywood has to offer pretending to provide us with a significant twist in the plot

The Ghost in the Shell trailer drives the network crazy

A first look at the Hollywood version of one of the biggest anime movies ever took the surfers across the net

Watch: seven new trailers that you should not miss

We have brought you the best of the season's annual Comic-Con tournaments: Get a glimpse of Marvel and DC Comics's upcoming major releases, King Kong's revival, Sherlock's next season and more.

Watch: The first trailers for the Wonder Woman films and the Justice League were revealed

As part of the annual Comic-Con conference, Warner first unveiled its next movie comics hits. Let's see the wave of banks occupying the screen in the lead role

The world of cinema closes an unprecedented year

The international film market is experiencing a year with impressive record revenues in 2015, despite the challenges

Give a statuette to Leo: all the candidates for the 2016 Oscar

The new film starring the veteran actor leads the list of nominations at the most prestigious awards ceremony. Will he finally get the figurine he so desires, or will the angry Max rob him?

Bridges gaps: Cellcom TV will receive Disney movies quickly

Cellcom's television service continues its attempt to accumulate quality content, this time with an interesting agreement with Disney Studios

Watch: Uncensored trailer to the movie Deadpool

The anti-hero film in the red suit continues to feel like a hit in the making, ahead of the launch in February 2016

Hollywood's Great Nightmare: All the big winter movies have been leaked to the Internet

The movie world is raging and noisy, following the leak to the network of some of the most promising films of the current season, of relatively high quality, and before they reached theaters in some cases

Oops, we were wrong: Star Wars broke more than expected

The initial numbers have turned out to be a bit too conservative, and now it turns out that power is the biggest revenue earner in the first weekend in movie theaters,