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The next surprise hit: Pikachu arrives in the real world in a new film

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu may evoke nostalgic and confusing feelings

Nostalgia at its best: GameBoy and the original Xbox sign back

Hyperkin has obtained the approval of Nintendo and Microsoft and is about to return an old pair of gaming products to the market

Leaving dust even for the PlayStation 2: the dream year of Switch and Nintendo

The company's new modest console does not cease to surprise, breaking the peak of popularity in its source market

Nintendo on the Wave

The Japanese company enjoys a renewed boom and believes that the Switch console can exceed the sales of its previous generation in less than a year since its launch

Nostalgia, the next generation

After the production of the tiny NES Classic console, Nintendo unveils the nostalgic mini version of the successful SNES, with more games, more units available and even a surprising bonus

Nintendo breaks the hearts of fans, and immediately gives us new hope

The production of the NES-like stereo console ends officially - but an upgraded version may be on the way to us, right from the Nintendo

The tablet, the colorful controller and the game of the decade: the net falls in love with the new Nintendo console

The switch console was officially launched with access and positive responses, and has already won the winning application that is supposed to make any real gaming enthusiast want her in his living room (and bag)

Disconnect and taste the new Nintendo console

The Nintendo console passes under the knife of the decomposing experts, who expose us to the specific hardware components that make up it

10 Important things to know about the Nintendo Switch

Touch gesture support, discounted game price, battery life, colors and games can be played on 60 frames per second? Here is all you need to know about the new project of the famous Japanese company, which is coming to the shops

The end of Nintendo's most failed home console

About a month and a half before the grandiose launch of the Switch, the Japanese company finally relinquishes the failing Wii U a cheap and relatively accessible console where the game controller itself can function as a TV screen, thus making the ...

Super Mario Run: Big success

Nintendo's mobile game has won tens of millions of downloads, but out of all those experiences only a few percent chose to pay for the full product

Super Mario Run: On his way to Android devices

The hit (partial) of Nintendo for mobile will soon be launched to the most popular operating system

Smells like the nineties: Pokemon Sun & Moon

Is the new version of one of the most successful brands in the gaming market able to offer enough innovations to stay relevant? Let's find out

Run Mario, Run (updated)

Nintendo's first official mobile game was officially launched with a level of interest that Apple could not meet, positive reviews and a controversial decision

Nintendo's first real smartphones game is coming soon

Want to guess what will be the price of the first official adventure of the world's most famous Italian plumber in smartphones?

Give respect to the nostalgia of Nintendo

While the Wii U is ending early than expected, Nintendo's modern and miniature version of its legendary NES console is in huge demand and is becoming a rare sight on the Web

The big failure of Nintendo comes to the end of the road

The production of the Wii U console will be discontinued soon, and now all eyes are on the switch

Available to everyone: Let's play the Lost version of Doom

Modern gifted brings to the modern era the unique console version of the immortal action game

Meet the new and exciting Nintendo console, the Switch (updated)

The mysterious NX console is finally being officially unveiled and appears to be the company's most ambitious product in the last two decades

Dreamy: Watch the Prime Minister of Japan pretending to be Super Mario

Iconic figures and medals from used smartphones: The Japanese have already begun to work energetically ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

You owe yourself one: Nintendo launches a modern NES console with 30 games

As she marries the tremendous vapors of the Pokemon GO, the Japanese gaming company presents a cool souvenir from the past that will appreciate almost everyone who grew up in the eighties and nineties

Caution, Pokemon GO: The authorization scandal and the versions of malware that are distributed on the network

The niantic and nintendo-based reality game based on the immortal franchise is making waves around the world, but not only in positive contexts. Read about the issue of permissions and the dangers

Basic consumer product: The ten most successful game consoles of all time

Have you ever wondered why only Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have stayed to compete in the home game machine market? This article will explain the reasons for this

Goodbye and Goodbye: The ten failed consoles of all time

Too early, too expensive, just bad or all together: Meet the gaming machines no one wanted to buy