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Israeli Technology Inside: Oppo Unveils Up to 10 Smartphone with No Loss of Quality

The next technological development of the Chinese manufacturer will come to the market as a real product in the second quarter of 2019

The zoom king of smartphones

Oppo plans to mark a decade of its existence with the introduction of innovative technology that will enable up to 10 zoom from the original on smartphones

The world's fastest charging smartphone was launched in Europe

The Oppo RX17 Pro in the market is able to bring 3,700mAh battery to full capacity within 36 minutes only

OnePlus 6T's exclusive McLaren version offers an innovative load (update: launched)

A particularly sophisticated model of the smart phone is on its way to the shops

Galaxy S10 Coming Revolution (updated)

Samsung offers a first look at innovative technologies that will allow the camera and other components on the front of the smart devices to become part of the screen - is this what is expected on its next flagship device?

Charging the future of smartphones in operation: 34 minutes for a full battery

GSMArena tested the unique charging technology of Oppo - and we are already hoping for the day when this capability will become the new default on all the latest devices on the market

Who said Oppo and did not receive? The first images of the OnePlus 6T

The next big thing from the company that begs you to stop compromising will be almost identical to a device that has already been launched, from another rising Chinese manufacturer

Half-hour battery: The smartphone offers super fast charging with a power of 50 watts

Oppo continues to break conventions and this time with an intermediate model that ensures that 40 loads within 10 minutes, thanks to Super VOOC