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The Snapdragon chip 820 breaks records on LeTV's new smartphone

Preliminary performance tests for the intriguing Chinese instrument provide impressive results

First tests are already here: The Snapdragon 820 chip proves to be a monster

The next-generation development platform of Qualcomm has reached the hands of journalists, providing us with a first formal and full view of the performance expected for us in the big leap to 14 nm

A new challenge for your graphics card: The next generation 3DMark test has been revealed

A new version of the best-known graphics performance test promises to be even more challenging than anything available to download and run at the moment

The power of water cooling: The Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti Gigabyte Ti offers terrific performance and coolness

The new Gigabyte model for the GTX 980 Ti, featuring a built-in closed water cooling system, is very impressive in its first reviews

A great result for the Samsung Exynos 8890 chip in the Antutu performance test

Samsung's new-age chip has visited the latest version of the popular Chinese performance test, and came out with a crown performance on its head, at least for now

Mobile Monster: New performance tests for the Mobile GeForce GTX 980 cards

Detailed and up-to-date performance tests for the new NVIDIA portable video card confirm that this is one of the most impressive technology products we have seen this year

A new AMD device driver was launched, with promise for performance improvements

One of the latest versions of the Catalyst driver was launched in beta, with the goal of improving the performance of new key titles such as Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront

IPad Peru came to the stores and displays monstrous performance

The price is high and the size is just huge, but the new Apple A9X chip appears to be the first product to compete with even the best Intel

Battery life on the new iPhones is impressive, and this is a great news for all smartphone owners

Apple's new devices reinforce what we saw at Samsung earlier this year, and give us high hopes for the expansion of the transition to 16 and 14 nanometers

Meet the most powerful smartphones in the world, according to the Antutu performance test

Traditionally, the popular smartphone performance test publishes a list of the top 10 most advanced models on the market, and whoever takes first place may surprise you. again

Bitter disappointment: Black Ops III PC is completely broken (Update: now a little less)

Want to run the new title in the Call of Duty series smoothly? Maybe you should wait a while, because it is completely broken

The new leading Android: impressive performance tests for Meizu PRO 5

The Chinese manufacturer's advanced smartphone utilizes its advanced Exynos 7420 chip and the relatively modest 1080p screen to take first place in several prominent performance tests

First performance tests reveal impressive capabilities for iPhone 6S Plus

A girl who received her new iPhone earlier than expected reveals the impressive performance that the new A9 chip from Apple can offer

Meet the Mstar M1 Pro: a low-cost, low-cost smartphone

The latest Chinese Mstar smartphone may be the cheapest you will find on the market based on Mediatek's MT6752 chip

A glimpse into the Nexus 2015: metallic, and perhaps twice as fast

Recent reports promise us two new handsets from Google's flagship lineup over the next few months, and each will appear to be very powerful and advanced

The Radeon Fury in Reviews: Life and Death in the Hand of Haste

The second video card based on the core of the Fiji is already here, with performance that transcends the GTX 980 but at a price that complicates matters

The launch and the disappointment: The Radeon 300 series leaves everyone in the loop

AMD's new series of graphics cards (for the middle market?) Has been launched, and it seems that various critics also have trouble deciding whether this is a good update or an ugly attempt to derail the players

The performance of the Fury X begins to flow into the network: the best there is?

A few days after the impressive launch, the technical details about AMD's new flagship products for the graphics processing market are beginning to light up, and with them are the first and most promising performance tests

Trion 100: cheap SSD drive from a good?

OCZ's new SSD will be the first to be based on Toshiba's own controller, ensuring extremely competitive performance for the home consumer

The trick that will add performance to your GeForce card

Do you know how to stream a picture directly to your Shield tablet? Well, it turns out that it is sipping some of the performance of the NVIDIA card on your computer - and there is also a solution

Antutu reveals: who are the champions of the performance of the Android world

In the quarterly ranking of the popular performance testing app Antutu, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge and the 14 nanometer chips inside them show a great advantage over competitors

Helio: MediaTek's new chips are aimed at the performance peak

The Taiwanese manufacturer is preparing a new chip family with advanced features and a clear intention to challenge the performance of the best from Qualcomm and Samsung

When ordinary SSD is not enough: Kingston's HyperX Predator PCIe is on its way to the shops

The company's new SSD drive is among the first to bring the PCI-Express line to the home gaming and performance market. First swallow before the big storm?

GeForce GTX Titan X - Performance

NVIDIA's new monster meets expectations - and features capabilities that make it the most powerful single-chip graphics card in the market. And what about the price? He, too, will be "sane."

View: GeForce GTX 980 shattering records with a core frequency of 2.3GHz

A new world record in the 3DMark FireStrike Extreme test was determined by the Overclocker, which used an EVGA GTX 980 card with a crazy kernel frequency of 2.3 GHz (!)