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Pirate victory? All the big games of the end of the year have been breached

Battlefield 5 joined its competitors in the market and was distributed freely and illegally - and now it seems that once again there is no file protection that can guarantee maximum revenue for the products that rely on it

New file protection in the gaming market was hacked in just 2 days (updated)

A new DRM technology called Valeroa purported to provide competition for Denuvo's power, but it seems that the hackers had other plans

A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

At a time when its people have decided to boast of the economic losses caused by the title, which has abandoned the use of technology, the pirates are able to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the renowned DRM company

Surprising: Cooperation between game creators and pirates

The Breakout Games group sells the pizza to a title grid - with the consent and blessing of its creators. Is this the beginning of a wonderful friendship?

Microsoft headache: File protection in the 10 application store has been cracked

The UWP of the application store built into the latest Windows system was supposed to be unbreakable - the pirates proved otherwise, again

2018 piracy model

After two months of relative quiet in which it seemed that the company that is fighting piracy game back to the track wins - we get a sequence of new developments that may devour the cards

The avalanche of Denuvo file protection continues (update)

A third group of burglars began challenging Austrian file protection, and new titles appear to be in real danger of pirated online distribution at an unprecedented speed

Even the newest version of Denuvo surrendered to pirates

Despite the hopes on the issue, the 4 version of the dreaded file protection is proven to be a surprisingly fast hit - and with it the prey game, which is released freely and illegally only nine days after it was launched

The Great Pirate Fight of the World of Games Continues (Updated)

Denuvo's advanced file-protection developer suffers another blow when the title with the latest version of the system has been hacked in less than 10 days - but shows no signs of slowing in its ambitions

No Surprises: 2016 Pirates Parade

In the best tradition, Torrentfreak also reveals to us what the series are and what are the favorite films of those who do not want to pay their entertainment content legally

The power is not with him: he opened an academy for Jedi and won the prosecution

At Disney, they were not, to put it mildly, enthusiastic about an American guy's initiative to impart the secrets of fighting with swords to anyone

Trouble of Pirates: The film leaked was punished with a particularly large fine

The person who brought the Oscar-winning film 'The Man Who Was Born Again' to the screen did not sit in jail, but would have to pay Fox Studios 1.1 a million dollars

Another fortress was conquered: Doom 2016 was also officially hacked

Another title protected by the updated version of the famous Denuvo technology was hacked and distributed on the network, to the sound of the digital cheers of the pirates
The decline of pirates

The decline of pirates

Opinion column: With the invention of some of the pirate flag ships, pirate content consumers and suppliers will have to think about their future in this stormy sea, but what about the film industry itself?

It was fast: the hole in Denuvo was fixed, and the games again protected against the pirates

Less than three days after being exposed and presented, the breach that damaged advanced file protection technology was closed. Or maybe not Screenshot

After a wave of pirate defeats: Megaupload plans to come back big time

The controversial developer Kim Dotcom aims to create a revolutionary file-sharing service under the name Megaupload 2.0, which will allow, inter alia, file transfer in exchange for Bitcoin's guarantee

Unconditional surrender: Even the great pirated content site Torrentz has stopped working

Pirate Troubles Arrive in Bundles: After Kickass's well-publicized closing, Torrentz also closes its doors without warning

Parade of the Pirates

A new study reveals to us who the leading countries in online piracy are and Israel is also in
KAT and mushrooms after rain

The storm around the closing of KickassTorrents continues

Following the download of the large pirate torrent site by the American legal authorities, other file sharing sites are emerging and promising to continue or to succeed

Pirates in trouble? KickassTorrents was closed and his creator was arrested

Artham and Euline founder of KickassTorrents site was arrested in Poland. At the same time, news agencies report that the domain names of his site were seized and downloaded from the network

The war on pirates is another stage: TV companies will find and improvise popular torrent files independently

NBC Universal has patented a new technology that will detect pirates using torrents to share the series it produces

Kodi is fed up with the bad name: promising to fight piracy through it

The developers of the popular media player do not like, to put it mildly, the extensive link between their software and the flow of pirated content, and promise to fight the phenomenon more intensely

The big torrent site Kickass Torrents starts offering direct streaming to movies and series in the browser

After the big move of the Pirate Bay, its biggest open competitor is straightening out and offering support for streaming video straight from your browser

Android's popular streaming app opens another front

The Showbox application, which is an alternative to Popcorn Time for streaming movies and series, is also starting to stream music without charge

Retiring or not? The 3DM gaming breakout group declares it is close to victory over Denuvo technology

The saga of the Chinese game hackers continues: A very short time after a statement of retirement for a period of a year or more, a new message tells of the potential to win the most advanced defense system in the gaming market