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The leading smart device chip developer is being acquired at 32 billion

The Japanese communications conglomerate SoftBank plans to buy the giant chip and semiconductor giant ARM in a huge amount

Exactly what we were looking for? Eight new CPU models from Intel

The chip giant continues to expand its offerings with eight new models, the Skylake and Broadwell bonfires, for landfills and mobile devices

There is another confirmation: Four advanced Broadwell-E processors will arrive in June

A recent report confirms some of our estimates of the next generation of Intel processors

Fast for all Skylik processors, even without an open product

A great line for enthusiasts The extra performance is free: The ability to accelerate the base frequency in Intel's new generation processors finally comes into play on some motherboards

Intel is preparing its own rival for Steam machines

A new report tells us about the Skull Canyon, the most powerful NUC computer to date with a built-in Iris Pro 580

Round Break: AMD's Bristol Ridge processors may land in March 2016

The latest generation of APU processors based on the Bulldozer family architecture may come in a few months with a new motherboards bracket that will also fit the future Zen architecture

Intel's new processors will arrive in about six months

A recent road map of the chip giant indicates that the Broadwell-E processors will land in the second quarter of 2016, and a little later we will also receive the Skylake generation interim update

Advanced Nanomaterials: New technical details about Intel's Kaby Lake processors

The generation of processors that will replace Skylake will not make worlds, but it should nevertheless provide some important upgrades to our needs

Broadwell-E processors are exposed: finally with 10 physical cores?

More than a year has passed since the arrival of the current ultra-high-end processors. Now finally exposed to the next Extreme processors, and they have to offer a lot of ... cores

Good news from AMD: production at 14 nanometers and Zen chips progress as planned

The chipmaker announces that it has received and tested first chips based on GlobalFoundries' second FinFET generation, in the 14 nanometer

AMD is accused of misinformation

The AMD processor manufacturer is dragged to court for misinformation about the number of cores of its processors

Reports: AMD's first generation chips have begun to fall from production

First chips based on the Zen and K12 architectures began to reach AMD for testing, on the way to the intended launch that is guaranteed for us next year

It's time to consider upgrading: The new Skylake processors are here

The big flood began: Intel is launching a record number of new processors from the Skylake section, including some surprises we have not seen before

Prepare the Rattles: Launch dates for Skylake processors

Want to upgrade your computer and want to know how long will you have to wait for the new generation of Intel? All the details you are looking for are here

A first glimpse of a laptop with an open product processor from the Skylake section

Intel's surprising promise is taking shape on the stage, with the first show of a gaming mobile with a K-processor that can be rushed

Flashing or a joke? Intel will offer mobile processors with fast capabilities

Is it possible that the new Skylake generation will provide us with first-class mobile K processors that can be speeded independently?

Mobile Skylake Processors: The on-line models are exposed

Intel's new generation mobile processor models are being exposed thanks to updated, updated slides

Lenovo's new laptops are the first ever with an Xeon processor

Intel's enterprise processor brand expands on the mobile world and lands on new ThinkPad computers that promise to be the most advanced laptop

Want a new motherboard as a gift? Guess its price Winners

Think you understand the hardware world? Does this fit a shiny new motherboard for the launch of the generation of Skilike processors? We have a quiz just for you

Core i7 6700K CPU Review - Meet SkyLike

Intel's new generation processors go into the air of the world, and we go out to see exactly what they can do and how it affects the market

Officially: Intel's Skylake promises great improvement in graphic processing, modest improvement in general processing

Formal chip-based slides speak of an improvement of 11 in the overall processing capacity of its new processor generation, plus the cost-effectiveness and improvement of 40 to 50 percent of built-in graphics core capabilities

Intel's latest roadmap: Broadwell-E early next year

More details about its plans for the next year's chip giant: Skylake will take control of all product lines by the end of the year, the next Extreme generation will arrive in the first three months of 2016

A glimpse into AMD's new-era products coming in 2016

The light at the end of the losses? AMD has announced that they have completed the major production processes for their 14 and 16 nanometer products, ensuring that we will see them in the market next year

Intel delayed: Kaby Lake processors on the way, production at 10 nanometer declined

Intel continues to earn piles of money, but a little less than before, and also confirms that the first 10 nanometer chips will reach us only in about two years

Good news, bad news: first review of the leading Skylake processor

A first review of Intel's new-generation processor, which will be launched early next month, shows us an additional performance boost in a seemingly single digit percentage