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Snapdragon 855: All future technologies in one place

The Snapdragon 855 is already here, with a set of advanced technologies that make it one of the most ambitious products in the history of Qualcomm

Qualcomm promises to improve battery life on smart watches, and large

Introducing the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chips, which are very similar to what we have seen in the field on the one hand but promise to improve the most painful issue in the field on the other hand

Qualcomm opens a gap: Introducing the Snapdragon chip 670

The US chip developer continues to upgrade its offerings in the medium-high market, which already has very few real competitors in the field today

The next intermediate chip of Qualcomm will offer a power approaching Snapdragon 835?

Initial performance tests for the Snapdragon 670 chip deliver impressive results that bring it closer to the emerging chip developer's flagship product

Wireless charging for your future car, courtesy of Qualcomm

The chip booth at CES 2018 was a good display of the Snapdragon 845 chip - and a glimpse of the wireless transmission speeds of 7 gigabit per second and electric cars that charge without an electrical connection

Introducing the new Nokia 6: more sophisticated audio, a more powerful chip

The first smartphone of the Finnish brand for the New Year looks like a significant improvement and will be positive for continued renewal

King Snapdragon: Qualcomm continues to unquestionably control the world of smartphone chips

Despite the challenges, Snapdragon chip developer is able to maintain, and even increase, its gap in the top of mobile processing

The prestigious list: These are the Snapdragon 845 devices that will accompany us in 2018

A fresh report from social networks in China purports to provide us with a complete picture of the smartphones that will be based on Qualcomm's most powerful chip to date

Fingerprint scanner under the screen, on our next smartphone

Synaptics is introducing a new elegant solution to the extended-screen trend, ensuring that its first commercial application will appear in the coming month

Coming soon for all the top smartphones? The Snapdragon 845 chip was exposed

Qualcomm's new flagship chip is presented earlier than expected, and succeeds in surprising us on several levels even without full technical detail

Windows Tablet with 20 Battery Life: Meet the HP Envy X2

HP has also decided to combine forces with Qualcomm and its ARM chips to create a very interesting 10 computer

The first of its generation: NovaGo, a portable 10 windows with Snapdragon chip from Asus

Internet connectivity anytime, anywhere, long battery life and relatively competitive price - Do you need anything else on a modern laptop?

The next flagship chip of Qualcomm: a new generation cores in a different production process

The upcoming Snapdragon 845 should be the first in a new partnership between Qualcomm and TSMC, which will make competition with Samsung even more intriguing.

Battle of 130 billion: Broadcom and Qualcomm dream of the largest mobile deal ever

The leading wireless chip developer has submitted a huge formal offer to acquire its competitor - but the road to the deal is still long

Report: Snapdragon 845 already at the end of the year

The next flagship chip of Qualcomm may be revealed before the end of the year, when Samsung is again expected to be the one to get access to it before the rest

Snapdragon 636: An exciting intermediate chip from Qualcomm has been unveiled

The new chip maker from San Diego will combine the efficiency of the Snapdragon 625 with better performance promise, advanced photo arrays and ultra wide screens for the mainstream market

The most paid? Meet the new chips for your smartphones

Mediatek officially launches its Helio P23 and Helio P30 models, and hopes to improve its position in the cost-benefit it runs against Qualcomm

An ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is what you want on your next smartphone

Mobile developer Qualcomm announces the availability of its new advanced feature, using a Chinese Vivo prototype that precedes Apple's predicted move

Performance Revealed: Introducing the first Snapdragon 660 devices

The new and efficient intermediate chip is featured in the new flagship pair of Oppo

All you need to know about Snapdragon chips 660 and Snapdragon 630

After a much longer period of time, Qualcomm finally makes the big leap into the 14 nanometer era with a new pair of products that should stand out easily in its field with a combination of efficiency and performance

The bright future of 10 windows may come sooner than expected

A variety of devices that will run a full version of Microsoft's operating system based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips are already under development, according to a new report

The Snapdragon 835 chip eliminates the new performance tests

The new generation of Qualcomm chipset has come up with a number of benchmarks and delivers exactly what we hoped to get from it - more of everything

Asus's next smartphone: a dual camera and a huge battery

The Taiwanese manufacturer Zenfone 3 Zoom is set to take center stage at CES 2017 in a few weeks

Danger to Intel? Qualcomm's huge deal

The leading mobile chip maker will swallow another chip maker in a deal with an estimated cost of 47 billion

Meet the intermediate chips that will run your next smartphones

Qualcomm has launched refreshed versions of its interstitial models, with much faster cellular connectivity