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Bad news for those who need more RAM: Micron's production failure could trigger a price increase

Our dynamic memories may become even more expensive soon, in a market that gives more and more signals about the erosion of actual competition

Official system requirements for Star Wars Battlefront can knock you off the chair

EA's new online action game receives updated hardware requirements after the Alpha tests are completed, and are not easy at all

RAM: Will the new iPhones come with 2GB, iPad Pro with 4GB?

Even after the official announcement, questions about the full material specification of the new Apple devices continue

Google promises: Chrome will stop wasting your RAM

The new popular browser update promises to provide great improvements to its efficiency

The 3D Xpoint technology from Intel and Micron is the hardware revolution we've been waiting for?

The two companies have announced innovative technology for storing information without the need for transistors, which threatens to turn both flash chips and DRAM memories into obsolete, within a year from now

Go against the current: Xenon 2 is available for purchase at a highly competitive price

With Intel chips that you can not see anywhere else and generous volumes and memory, Xenium 2 is a very interesting smartphone that can be yours now for a surprisingly good price

Kingston continues to dominate the RAM memory market

The American company continues to accelerate forward, and is approaching 60 of the market share of the DRAM module market. Who trailed behind her on the list?

Will LG's next flagship device come with Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM?

Recent reports on the Web predict that a new G-Pro device will arrive in the coming months, with elaborate specifications and programs to combat the Galaxy Note

Doogee Y100 Pro: A smart smartphone at a great price

Android 5.1, 16GB storage and 2GB of RAM in 120 dollars? There is also such an animal on the net

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Real Next Generation or Another Expensive PC Port? (Updated)

Activision unveils minimum (high) system requirements for the new and futuristic title in the never-ending series - is this the first sign of the low level of polish expected for PC players?

Prices of memories are leaping - the results of the fire at the Hynix plant

As the smoke dissipates and it becomes clear that the magnitude of the disaster due to the fire are rising memory prices gradually. A jump in prices has already been observed in Israel

Samsung challenges the limits of flash memory

The hardware giant has announced a new type of flash memory that will exceed the current flash memory - the end of suffocation.

The Dwarfs Attack - MITX Round Table Review

They are advanced, they are stuffed and they are tiny. Get to know the LGA1155 motherboards that come in your hand

Samsung offers ultra-fast memory for smartphones and tablets

Samsung has announced new DRAM memory for tablets and smartphones that will enable the development of improved performance devices and reduced power consumption

Microchips in laser printing want to change the world

Developing microchips with different functions will enable them to be embedded into any object or item, and will make our world completely digital

AMD plans to include GDDR5 memories in its processors

In an interview with Theinquirer, one of AMD's top graphics engineers reveals his opinion on what will bring PCs to new levels of performance

NVIDIA's future products are being exposed

Unified architecture and built-in RAM memories within the graphics core - NVIDIA unveils its technological roadmap for the next few years and offers quite a few surprises and ambitions

Engineers from Taiwan have defeated flash memory limitations

Flash memories are a great thing, but their lives are limited due to the evaporation of their magnetism. Now perhaps a way has been found to extend their lives in a very meaningful way

ADATA makes order in its products

The company continues its rebranding process and presents its products according to the categories and internal brands it has created

Patriot's stand

Patriot introduced DDR3 memory with a unique cooling system and cover for hard drives with WiFi connectivity

Memories in four channels - magnifying volumes

A new Intel chassis was launched recently, along with another memory channel. In this review, we took eight memory packs

The next generation of RAM is cost-effective way

Elpida begins to provide examples of LPDDR3 and Wide IO memories for smartphones, tablets and the like

Scientists have developed fully flexible RRAM memories

A group of Korean researchers presents an important breakthrough in the development of flexible computers

Future G.Skill Memory Sets

Hardware makers are preparing to launch the Sandy Brigde E processors

Will pro-electric memories obfuscate RAM memories?

A fast memory that consumes less 99 may be the next big thing