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Whats new Android 7 Nougat

Need to know: The six most interesting new features in Android 7.0 nougat

The next big version of the mobile operating system was officially released yesterday - and it's time to review its outstanding features

Addicts: So our smartphones make us look

An American photographer named Eric Pickersgill noticed that we became addicts to technology in general, and to a smartphone in particular. In a special project he decided to show us how much

Samsung Galaxy A9: Price and Performance are Revealed

The Korean giant's new tablet has been officially unveiled, and continues to position itself as an interesting alternative to Galaxy Note

Galaxy's Lost Brother S6? This is how the Xiaomi Mi 5 looks

New images and video show us the seemingly final and official appearance of the flagship device intriguing by the Chinese manufacturer

Google Smarter: Huawei Nexus 6P arrives in Israel on official import

Huawei's tablet and Google began to be officially sold in the Holy Land, with a price tag that could provide significant competition for the 5 Galaxy Note

Lenovo's competitor to Redmi Note 3 continues to be exposed in parts

The Chinese manufacturer continues to provide us with glimpses of its next smartphone, which will probably be the K4 Note and will probably target direct competition against one of the most profitable smartphones ever created

The Right Way: Meet HTC's new One X9

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new smartphone offers many of the more positive features of the One A9, combined with a slightly more respectable battery and a slightly better price

Recommended Games for Your Smartphone: December 2015 Edition

Matching a Crash Crash filled with Pokemon, another game for the Walking Dead series, a successor to Crossy Road and a few other titles that will be able to entertain and entertain you on the road in the near future

last time? HNXUS 6 is available at bargain prices in Amazon United States

The Google and Motorola tablet are available for about a third of its original price, perhaps the last time before it has completely disappeared

A glimpse of Samsung's new tablet

Just before it's officially revealed, we get slides that show everything you need to know about the great and impressive Galaxy A9 smartphone

OnePlus flagship device may win a reduced multiplier soon

A new specimen from a Chinese manufacturer has risen to the GFXBench repository and can point to a rare competitor for the Xperia Z5 Compact

New details about the upcoming smartphone of Xiomi

A physical Samsung home button, a USB Type C connection, and a Snapdragon chip 820: This is the latest spec that the network is predicting for the Chinese manufacturer's Mi 5. And there are pictures too

Motorola smartphones at operational prices, now Amazon

Another opportunity to purchase premium Nexus 6 and Moto X Style at competitive prices

The Snapdragon chip 820 breaks records on LeTV's new smartphone

Preliminary performance tests for the intriguing Chinese instrument provide impressive results

First glance at Xiaomi's next market break

A new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer under the code name Kenzo has emerged in the Geekbench performance test database, and makes us believe that the release of the Redmi 3 is around the corner

Another terrifying Chinese that is on its way to us: a first glimpse of LeTV One X910

The new flagship device of the young Chinese manufacturer emerged in the database of the Antutu performance test, and looks very impressive

Asus's Zenfone family continues to grow

Zenfone Selfie, Xenium 6 and Xenophone 2 Laser are also available at Zenfone 2 Zoom: Asus's family of smartphones continues to impress us even today

Only in Japan: Meet the ideal smartphone for cleaning addicts

Kyocera introduces the first smartphone not only protected from water but also wants to be washed with soap to make sure it is clean and polished at all times.

At the right time and at the wrong price: The OnePlus X is officially launched in Israel

The Chinese manufacturer's new and luscious model is in place in Israel, with a price that does not exactly make you want to run and buy it

A first glimpse of the Galaxy S7, and the tablet that will accompany it

A smart device accessories manufacturer claims to have details about the final size and shape of Samsung's next flagship device, as well as a large 6-inch model that will appear on its side

The Xperia Z6 coming soon, with five different models?

A new Chinese report from a reputable source claims that Sony is preparing no fewer than five different size models for its next flagship. The more the better?

Sony's ultra-high-end smartphone landed in Israel

How much will the world's first smartphone with an 4K screen cost? Almost like the iPhone 6S Plus

Reports: New discounted iPhone arrives at the beginning of 2016

The network believes that heir to the plastic iPhone 5c is on its way, with a metallic body and without stinginess on performance

Look inside the jug: Vivo has created the superfluous smartphone for 2015?

The pair of new Chinese manufacturer's devices offers a luxurious metal shell, but even shaky intermediate chips, tiny batteries and price tags do not really wink

The most ambitious to date: Introducing the Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone

After years of preparation and gradual progress, the Chinese smartphone's fresh smartphone feels like a product that might really be able to compete with the best in the market