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New bidder at three-digit price: Meizu Note 9 arrived in Israel

The Chinese smartphone that offers an up-to-date Snapdragon 675 chip and 128GB for storage at a highly competitive price is available for purchase in a chain of bug stores

The real comeback of the Nexus family? All details about Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

We will soon know whether this is really the right path for the hearts of the masses in the modern smartphones world

The last of this year? Samsung Launches More Galaxy A Smartphones

Introducing the Galaxy A60 and the Galaxy A40s which were introduced for the Chinese market, with large batteries in the best modern tradition of the company

Advanced, but not very profitable: Meet the Nokia X71

Nokia's unusual branding system continues to get tangled up with a fresh intermediate model introduced for the Taiwan market as a prelude to international launch

Another important upgrade: the Xiaomi Redmi 7 was revealed

An improved processing chip and array of photography at the same starting price tag is equivalent to just $ 105

Leading choice for smartphones in the mid-market (updated)

More and more future models will be based on Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 675 - which looks very promising in new performance tests

Direct battle against Redmi Note 7 Pro: Meizu's promising middle model

The note series of the ambitious Chinese manufacturer will be upgraded in the coming month

Hisense's impressive middle-class smartphone

The manufacturer, which is best known for its televisions, believes it will also be able to challenge the world of smart handsets with its new U30

a step back? Nokia 8.1 Revealed

The successor to the flagship device last year was officially launched - but with an intermediate model specification

Save to Windows computers: Get to know the most powerful Snapdragon chip

Along with the 855, we also got a glimpse of the Snapdragon 8cx, which makes it clear that the desire to make 10 windows run optimally based on the ARM architecture is still alive and kicking

Will they also come to Israel? ASUS introduces smartphones with impressive batteries

Want a branded smartphone with more than 4,000mAh battery capacity? You should know the Zenfone Max M2 and Zenfone Max M2 Pro

Fifth generation premiere: Qualcomm's flagship chip will be unveiled today

Prepare for the arrival of the Snapdragon 8150 in question - which will actually get the model name Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm promises to improve battery life on smart watches, and large

Introducing the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chips, which are very similar to what we have seen in the field on the one hand but promise to improve the most painful issue in the field on the other hand

Good things come in threes? Meizu is preparing a third version for its flagship device

The intriguing Meizu 16 and the intriguing Meizu 16 Plus have been introduced, and now we know there will be another model - with the new Snapdragon 710

The Pixel's Lost Brother: Meet the HTC U12 Life

The Taiwanese manufacturer's new smartphone features a refreshing striped look, an up-to-date chip and a reasonable capacity for the modern era

Qualcomm opens a gap: Introducing the Snapdragon chip 670

The US chip developer continues to upgrade its offerings in the medium-high market, which already has very few real competitors in the field today

A solid foundation for FinFET: Qualcomm's new chips

Meet the cost-effective chips to replace the popular Snapdragon 400 and Snapdragon 600 models

Xiaomi's paid tablets come back

The famous maker decides to return to the field of the largest Android devices after a break of more than a year - with a very interesting model

Guests from the future: Smartphones with borderless screens

Unlike Lenovo, another Chinese manufacturer has promised us devices in which the display panel occupies an unprecedented percentage of the global product front - and has done so

Shiyumi celebrates a birthday in style

The announcement of the next flagship device from the eight-year-old Chinese manufacturer becomes a moment of exposure to three new and promising models, each in its own way and at a price

Motorola is struggling to maintain its relevance

In the market where even the 100 dollars can be found in Chinese smartphones not bad at all, Lenovo and its subsidiary will try to stand out in spite of everything through the quality of photography and move to Snapdragon chips in all products

Medium Plus: Meet the smartphone that challenges Xiaomi

China's ZTE launches a fresh, highly competitive intermediate smartphone, which may also stress the unquestioned queen of cost-benefit relations

Meizu introduces: Unlocked with a choice between Samsung and Qualcomm

More about the intriguing Meizu 15 models of the Chinese manufacturer who aspire to upgrade their position in a market full of leaks

Unbreakable smartphone for professionals only

The Unofficial Brother of the rugged Land Rover device comes with a laser range meter, infrared camera and other surprises for professionals

The next intermediate chip of Qualcomm will offer a power approaching Snapdragon 835?

Initial performance tests for the Snapdragon 670 chip deliver impressive results that bring it closer to the emerging chip developer's flagship product