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Summit culinary technology: The perfect pancake printer is sold on the net

After a handsome success in public finance a few years ago, the PancakeBot is available at Amazon (not really) for everyone

Another innovative surprise: 3-D home printing of ceramic materials

It turns out that not only the ability to print metals home-made may become a reality in the near future, but also the printing of hard and impressive ceramic materials - assuming you also have a programmable oven at your fingertips

For the first time - a home-made 3D printer made with metal

After years of technology being available only on massive machines and expensive industrial applications, the ability to make 3D printing with brand new materials is beginning to reach private users

The major tensions of the April Fool's Day

Razer gaming console, smart pillow, H & M joke at the expense of the Facebook creator and more from Google's best: Here are the most successful suspensions for 2016 International Day of Deception

Another surprising innovation: teeth that were created in a 3D printer and also destroy bacteria

Researchers from the Netherlands have developed a 3-D printed tooth that can kill 99 of bacteria in the mouth

Build yourself a robot: Star Wars meets 3D printing

The awakening power of three-dimensional printers: An amateur group demonstrates how to print the Star Wars Droid

Technology that will allow anyone to print electronic circuits

Researchers from the University of Princeton in the United States have been able to print miniature LEDs in layers using only a 3D printer - on the way to another revolution in electronics?

New type balls are turning into printed guns for real deadly weapons

A man by the name of Michael Kramling has found a way to make hand-made bullets that do not destroy printed materials and may change the security reality in which we live

HP at the cutting edge: a 3-D printer that wants to change the market

The company is introducing an innovative computer called Sprout that includes a special surface used as a second monitor - and a 3D printer that is going to make a real revolution in the field

The fuel is out of the printer: a real first car from three-dimensional models

From now on to toys - today almost everything can be printed in 3D, and one company from Arizona took the concept to the next level with a real car printed within two days

Three-dimensional printers occupy the footwear market

Your next pair of sports shoes will be printed according to your order

3D printing - now also with metal

American researchers have developed a three-dimensional printer that creates objects of Galium metal with the melting point nearest to room temperature

Breakthrough? A battery is printed less than a millimeter thick

Development from Harvard University allows the production of lithium-ion batteries in microscopic dimensions using three-dimensional printing

NASA will finance the development of three-dimensional food printers

The space agency will finance a three-dimensional printing project for food in space. According to the developers, the final product will change the habits of the kitchen also on the planet

Meet the first printed bionic ear in history

The development of an ear that absorbs radio transmitters by Princeton University researchers raises great hopes for the creation of artificial Greek organs

Meet the Digitizer 3D: your home 3D scanner

MakerBot introduces the three-dimensional scanner that ensures accurate replication of almost any object you choose

Meet the revolutionary pen created in 3D

A new product that was discovered on the KickStarter site and raised millions of dollars within a few hours allows you to paint anything you want - in 3D

Print yourself a racing car

Engineering students used three-dimensional printing to improve the performance of a custom-made electric racing car and a couple of beautifully printed projects

How 3D printers will become homes for mini-factories

The constantly evolving three-dimensional printer technology brings us closer to the day, so that each one of us will be able to make almost everything in his home whatever he thinks

3D printers - the future of information transfer technology

What is the secret of the magic of technology that threatens to forever change the way things are created in our world?

3D printers - now also for weapons

A technology enthusiast (and weapons) created the body of an AR-15 assault rifle with a simple three-dimensional printer. Is there any reason to start worrying?

Print me a muscle

An American start-up uses a first-of-its-kind bio-printer to create human tissue cells for the pharmaceutical industry, on the way to the future in which it may be possible to print entire organs

For the first time: a jaw transplant that was built in three-dimensional printing

The wonders of technology - a team of researchers performed the first type of lower jaw prosthesis that was created using three-dimensional printing

3D printers come to your home

The MakerBot Replicator will produce for you (almost) everything you will tell him for just $ 1,750, excluding shipping