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Intel will use another chip manufacturer for some of its products (updated)

The company, which until recently was considered the world's largest chip maker, will use TSMC's services for some of its 14 nanometer products

New era: Mass production of 7 nanomaterials began

TSMC completes the technological leap over Intel and announces a new and amazing milestone - that will enable us to get more efficient chips than ever before the end of the year

Intel: Financial records alongside postponements

The chipmaker is presenting another successful quarterly report - but also has to admit that we will not be able to see 10 processors this year

Get ready: The Ryzen 2 will arrive within three months

New desktop processors in the new production process will try to continue and even increase AMD's success last year - and there are more detailed roadmaps for the coming years

The next flagship chip of Qualcomm: a new generation cores in a different production process

The upcoming Snapdragon 845 should be the first in a new partnership between Qualcomm and TSMC, which will make competition with Samsung even more intriguing.

A glimpse into Apple's most advanced processor

What does the Apple A10X look like, which turns on the new iPad devices and brings Apple closer to the era of 10 nanometer chips at close range? The answers are inside

Not only Intel is having trouble: 10 nanometer chips may reach us late

A new report states that TSMC is also having trouble producing innovative chips at an appropriate scale - and it is quite possible that Samsung also has similar problems

Not waiting for anyone: TSMC is beginning to invest in chip manufacturing with breakthrough technologies

The giant Taiwanese company, the world's largest supplier of semiconductor manufacturing services, is presenting its plans for 5 nanometer and 3 nanometer lithographs, which will probably be the latest silicon products on the market