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Slowly ripens: new videos from UBSoft's promising game (updated)

The tactical action game in the intriguing open world of the French distributor, which has suffered a number of rejections, looks pretty good in new videos coming from his closed alpha tests

The assassins of Assassins Creed come to India and Russia

UBisoft Announces Two New Chronicles for the Assassins Creed Series, which will arrive in the next two months and complete the side trilogy that began this year

Watch the great game trailer for Far Cry Primal

UBSoft is surprising and takes its brand back in time to make the wild world and animals a more significant feature than ever before

New fashion? MSI Launches Rainbow Six Siege Gaming Motherboard

The new MSI motherboard is called the Z170A Krait Gaming R6 Siege, and is integrated with the new UBSoft brand. The beginning of a wonderful friendship?

Free trial before launch: Open beta for Rainbow Six Siege (updated)

Yubisoft's promising action game will give you four days of free and open experience in some of his online game modes, very close to the official launch

Official system requirements were announced for Rainbow Six Siege and Assassins Creed Syndicate

What hardware do you need to take advantage of UBSoft's two biggest titles for 2015's end-of-year period? The answers are inside

This is a great opening season for the great 2015 Winter Games

The Yovisoft London Assassins and Hilo's first new generation of consoles receive a warm welcome from the visitors

The Farsa of Might and Magic Heroes 7

The new chapter in the series of favorite games manages to irritate both fans and veterans alike

Always indulge: Buy a NVIDIA card and get a fresh UBSsoft title

The new Core Cube Developer will provide you with a free choice between Assassins Creed Syndicate and Rainbow Six Siege, if you choose to purchase a GTX 970 card or better

Ahead of the new episode: Heroes of Might and Magic series games

On the occasion of the launch of Might and Magic Heroes VII, on the set platform they are doing a pretty good feat on all the previous games in the popular strategy series

Tom Clancy's best tactical action games at the price you choose

In preparation for the release of the promising Rainbow Six: Siege, the latest Humble Bundle will have the most great games created with the help of Tom Clancy for 10 $ or less

London is waiting for us: Assassins Creed Syndicate for PC declined

Has Yavisoft finally learned from the mistakes of the past? The PC version of the new chapter in the successful action and assassination series will be launched a month later, in order to ensure optimal polishing and readiness

Nostalgia at its peak: All games of Heroes of Might and Magic for a few dozen shekels

The Might and Magic series games return to the Humble Bundle site, big for everyone who wants to prepare themselves for the new episode

The original zombie game of Nintendo and Ubisoft lands on PC and consoles

The ZombiU of the year 2012 became Zombi, received a facelift and landed on personal computers and on the consoles of Microsoft and Sony. Is it still relevant?

Heroes return: Might and Magic Heroes 7 musk in a month

The new chapter in the series of favorite strategy games promises a return to the origins, starting with the 29 in September

Let's find out who are the great winners of the 3 E2015 EXHUMX

The Association of Game Critics (yes, there is such a thing) chose the titles that impressed, stunned and stunned people at the Great Games Show that was signed last month. Some of the results may surprise you

Save New York: The Division comes on 8 in March 2016

UBSoft's promising action game continues to generate great interest two years after it was unveiled, and is getting a new release date

This week in Gaming: Assassins in London, heir to Castlevania in Kickstarter

Get to catch up on the major news of the past week: Assassin's Creed arrives in England, Rainbow Six Siege gets launch date, KONAMI announces new and surprising direction and more

Might & Magic, Voice of Duty and more: The hottest deals of the gaming world

Hot deals on the set platform and on the Humble Bundle site give you the opportunity to get quality titles at winking prices

Pampering for the long weekend: discounts wink at the online game store of UBSoft

Spring promotion at the French distributor's Uplay store puts you up to 85 discounts on selected titles

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 returns in HD version - with surprise

The strategy game in the classic and great theories gets upgraded to high definition and will also reach Android and iOS for the first time - but only for tablets

Assassin's Creed Unity - This history is full of bugs (updated 2X)

One of UBSoft's most anticipated and spoken titles for 2014 was officially launched ... with a flood of technical and performance issues

Far Cry 4: The Himalayas receive (almost) everyone with open arms

UBSoft revealed the system's requirements for the PC version of the game and, to our delight, it is closer to the company's new racing game requirements and less to those of its new assassination and stealth game

Assassin's Creed: Unity - Assassinations and adventures for the rich only?

The minimum hardware requirements for the new Assassin's Creed new-generation title are revealed - and are found to be unusually high. Is this just another case of an inexperienced PC port?

Assassin's Creed: Rogue will also come to the PC early next year

The new title in the series, designed to be the swan song for the previous generation consoles, will also land on personal computers - a few months late