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The hot trend of the video world is also landing on YouTube

Do you have an up-to-date viewing device that supports HDR? Now you can take advantage of his abilities on the net

View: This is how you remove the stylus from the Galaxy Note 5 without causing damage

A new and useful video shows how you can take out your S-Pen without damaging your new and expensive smartphone if you put it in the opposite way

Battle Ready: The YouTube gaming site has been officially launched

Google is launching its competitor to Twitch, which is made up of an up-to-date YouTube site and dedicated apps for Android and iOS

GoPro Hero 4 Session: Easy, tiny and expensive camera

GoPro's new Extreme camera is its smallest ever, but that does not mean it's the cheapest

Professionals only: YouTube shows support for 4K videos at 60FPS rate

The video site will now allow you to watch videos of unprecedented quality and quality - assuming you have the equipment and the means to do so

Windows 10: Built-in support for audio files without loss of FLAC information

After Microsoft announced built-in support for MKV video files in the next version of Windows, a new report shows us Microsoft's intent to naturally support FLAC lossless audio files in the new operating system

YouTube - from now on in 60 Pictures per second (finally)

After months of testing and adjustments, the world's largest video site today opened the possibility of displaying video at the rate of 60 images per second

BitTorrent will launch a video revolution in April

The file-sharing giant is preparing to launch Bittorent Live to stream video to the masses. Let's try beta

HDMI 2.0 Announced: Connection to Ultra HD Generation

The HDMI forum is fighting back to the DisplayPort interface with a new high-bandwidth standard that allows video transmission at 4K and 60 frames per second

With an eye on the earth

Streaming video of our planet from space, and for free

BitTorrent Live: Streams video on its way to a lucrative business model

BitTorrent is known to everyone as the most popular and successful file sharing protocol in the world, but only now it is able to move to a business model that will also generate profits by streaming video with the masses

Standard H.265 certified: Video streaming in high-definition separation for the masses

The compression required for the next generation of super-high-definition video has passed the necessary authentication, offering twice as much compression as the H.264 standard used in Blu-ray movies today

GameStick - a new competitor in the field of Android consoles

The Android console market is heating up, and as a result of the success of the OUYA console in raising funds at Kickstarter, PlayJam is also looking to cut a slice of this market's tasty cake

H.265: ultra-affordable resolutions?

The MPEG group is announcing a new compression standard that will offer the same picture and sound quality at half the bandwidth of existing devices, possibly as early as next year

AMD: Convert video using video card

Next month AMD will release a new version to its device driver that will use processor technology as a full-processor processor

Compro: Video in any way possible

Compro has introduced a wide range of video and multimedia products for computers

Next Week - Happening Video Games

The Gamer Games website organizes video games and prize-winning tournaments

DisplayPort - a new standard for digital video transmission

DVI-D, DVI-I, DVI-A, HDMI, HDCP. Confused? You're not alone.

Google displays a video search

The search will allow you to find online video files that are viewable with the play button

New Handheld Video Player Zvue

A new player from HandHeld Entertainment enters the music market

New Site Guide - Video Editing Part A

Good morning, today a new guide has come up in the field that few know because it often seems too complicated and difficult to understand - video editing. At a time when the digital world is taking up a large part of our lives, many ...

The Complete Video Editing Guide - Part 1

In today's era, when most of us have DVD players and there are more than one computer in the house and our digital photography and entertainment are becoming increasingly digital, there is a need to convert our movies and music into digital format. If you want to know how to convert all your video tapes to DVDs, VCD or DivX you have come to the right place.

Antec Modular Power Supply in Video Inspection

One of the known problems of any overclocker, moderator, or anyone else whose arrangement is important is to arrange the cables in the package. Sometimes it is annoying to think that we invested in a new and high-quality power supply only in order to get cable ...

iCEBERQ4 video review

To date, the choice of cooling sets for the graphics card has been extremely limited, amounting to approximately ORB Crystal Orb or the BlueORB for active cooling and Salman's series for passive cooling. But this period seems to be disappearing because ...

SLK900 video review

If there's anything better than video review then it's just a video review on the famous SLK900.3dGameMan in their video reviews and have taken a review of ThermalRight's new HITSINK and see if it's still king ...