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Zun: Weapons

Guns and wheels: the electric car of the Russian arms company

Kalashnikov, which is mainly known for its destructive tools, now wants to save the world a little air pollution

Deadly Fury: Lost the gaming tournament - and began to murder

An exceptional event in the competitive gaming landscape in the United States will cast a shadow over the entire industry?

A great year for gaming: the leading games presented at E3 2016

The God that changes space and changes luck, the spider's great hope, the launch of the famous horror series: Come and discover the best that the largest gaming show

King Of Action Games: The Story Behind Doom

Find out what caused the creation of the famous action series of all that has accompanied us for almost more than 20 years

Extreme Processor Core i7 6950X Exclusive Review in Israel: The home consumer gets 10 cores

Intel today launches the world's most powerful processor for the desktop market and we provide you with a comprehensive review: Introducing the Core i7 6950X monstrous

Get addicted without paying: 10 great free games you should know

In today's free gaming world, it's really not a bad word, and the titles in this article will prove to you that sometimes they can be even better than the ones you'll be paid for.

Recycle or improve? XCOM 2 in Review

2012's best strategy game won direct continuation that tries to maintain the addictive formula but also avoid becoming a double of its predecessor. Does he succeed in the mission? The answers are inside

Wild and Wonder: Rise of the Tomb Raider

The new game starring the most famous virtual archaeologist looks great and feels very good, but is he really able to transcend his predecessor? The answers are inside

The most interesting games that will come to us in 2016

2015 was a great year for gamers, but it seems that this year is going to be just as successful, maybe even more. Discover what 20 games are the most interesting and promising that should reach the shops this year

The assassins of Assassins Creed come to India and Russia

UBisoft Announces Two New Chronicles for the Assassins Creed Series, which will arrive in the next two months and complete the side trilogy that began this year

Watch the great game trailer for Far Cry Primal

UBSoft is surprising and takes its brand back in time to make the wild world and animals a more significant feature than ever before

Real-world gaming: Everything you need to know about a laminated reality

Think life is a game? You're not alone. Meet the innovative applications that want to turn you and everything around you into an interactive gaming experience

Amazing: Watch what happens to the human body when the bullets hit different types

A series of animated images demonstrates how a ballistic gel will look from inside the penetration of bullets into the human body

Righteous and evil: ten excellent games that failed commercially

Discover the video games that have won awards and other praiseworthy reviews, but have not been able to do one small and important thing: sell copies

Strange and wonderful: Meet the best fan games

When a game or series of games manage to thrill the gamers, it is no wonder they try to express their love by creating their own added content. Meet the best creations from the heart, and the disturbed imagination of the greatest fans

The free game that combines HL2 to Hotline Miami

An industrious, industrious developer has created a cool combination between the bleeding Indie game and the masterpiece of WALAV, and you can experience its product in a totally free way

Mirrs Edge Catalyst's new video game will leave you with a taste of more

The sequel to one of EA's most original games over the last decade captures Gamescom with a five-minute fresh play

The novelty of Worms World Party irritates the gamers

Remastered version of one of the most favorite games in the form of the violent worms was launched, and gets fatal reactions due to unrealized promises

Prepare your computer for the summer: AMD's new super card will be unveiled at 16 in June

The red manufacturer gives us a first glimpse of its innovative Fiji chip, and confirms that it and its entire new generation of products will be officially presented, finally, in just over a week

Explosions and Enjoy: Watch Just Cause 3's first video game

The open world game with the most virtual C4 in the environment is presented for the first time on the move, on the way towards our end of the year and looks great

Games of the Week: GTA V lands on your computer, Mortal Kombat on your iPhone

Mortal Kombat Tenth, GTA 5 for PC, a host of role-playing games and a magical musical adventure - all this and more in the section that center for you all the hottest games of the week for your computers, consoles and smart devices!

Beautiful, fast and bizarre: Lenovo's new smartphones are high

After introducing a new line of cheap handsets to compete with Xiaomi and Meizu, Lenovo is unveiling its new Salafi device at CES, in addition to an ultra-lethal smartphone

The binary war

Military operations around the world are rapidly expanding into the digital realm, changing forever the evolution of our conflicts. The harsh reality: In network warfare, we all stand in the line of fire

Battlefield Hardline: Life in the Movie (Crime)

Visceral Games and EA gave representatives from a number of sites across the network an opportunity to experience and experiment with the single-player feature in the title of the old series of 2015.

New type balls are turning into printed guns for real deadly weapons

A man by the name of Michael Kramling has found a way to make hand-made bullets that do not destroy printed materials and may change the security reality in which we live