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Zun: Weapons

The smoking gun: An innovative chip will monitor the activity of weapons

Yardarm has developed a chip that will not only improve the safety of the gun holder, but will also provide public safety

Dreadnought: Build you a huge ship, for free

Title of the new space battles of Yager Development, the studio that brought us the masterpiece (or the huge missed, depending on who you ask) Spec Ops: The Line, wants to upgrade the free games genre

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - a celebration for series fans, a little less for everyone else

The third full title of the Gearbox Software series is launched, and visitors across the net agree that while it can not rise to the heights of its predecessor, it can still provide hours of fun for fans

Mortal Kombat X comes out this April

Ryden, Scorpion and the whole group will return to visit 14 for April in a new game with the old and beloved characters

The Banner Saga: The game of the BioWare refugees in a critique

A dangerous sequence of events, the end of the world and two Viking convoys. The Banner Saga is the first of three games to come out, and what connects them is one big story - we were not disappointed

Titanfall's alpha version of Xbox One excites the community

Titanfall presents an inferior graphical level in the Xbox One versus the PC and drags much reviews

Home-made weapons - without a 3D printer

One programmer, proves to the world how simple and easy to produce weapons

Review: Call Of Duty Ghosts

When Mokler took the COD: Ghosts round and returned with an optimistic and updated approach to the series

Performance tests - Battlefield 4

One of the most popular computer games has been launched and it has amazing graphics - let's find out how your computer can handle the game

Gamers Crying At Night The dark side of technology

A second story in the series "The Dark Side of Technology" and this time how computer games are damaging our lives

Bitcoin is surging following China's massive entry

Bitcoin, the world's first and most popular digital currency, received a strong boost from China after several reported falls, and is now close to 350

Crash: Radeon R9 290 launched at a particularly competitive price

A heavy shadow on the green side of NVIDIA in the form of enormous graphic power worth 400 dollars - how will it cope?

3D printers do the perfect crime

Lawrence Pandery bought a three-dimensional printer not to make dolls for his children, but to kill his wife

Flying on the Edge: A Toy or a Weapon?

The uncontrolled and terrifying border of the world of drones and private aviation

Following the closure of the black market of the Silk Road - Bitcoin where?

The operator of the largest sales site on the network for illegal goods arrested, and the site was closed by the FBI. Bitcoin responded with a dramatic decline, but will the move hurt or strengthen it in the medium and long term?

Review GTA V: The Masterpiece of Rockstar

When he took the GTA V and returned with criticism of one of Rockstar's most successful games in recent years

Cooler Master unveils a unique modular enclosure package

Cooler Master introduced the world's first modular package, the HAF Stacker series

Science of blockbusters

The answers to the most intriguing, disturbing and bizarre questions of the Hollywood summer film season

Battlefield 4: A look at the classics of all armies

DICE Publishes Kits to Multiplayer Game of Battlefield 4: Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support for US, Russian and Chinese Armies

GTA V - Rockstar explains about weapons and shooting mechanics

The Gunplay in the GTA V game is going to be different from any GTA we've known to date, different in the positive sense of the word. Rockstar expands on the new shooting mechanics of the game, in an interview with Gameinformer magazine

Ten games you must play with

We've collected for you a bunch of 10 games that are modest and anonymous (relatively) that skipping them is a crime, and playing them is pure pleasure

Will come to your PC? GTA V - Rockstar answers all questions

Rockstar asked players to ask her all the questions they had about the next game in the series, Grand Theft Auto V

The Division: The multiplayer will support both the Clans and the PvP

UBisoft's next open world game will include role-playing elements, a support system for Clans, PvP and more

Causes of deformity

NASA scientist says he is on the verge of detecting motion at a higher speed than light: is it possible?

Chinese hackers stole plans for dozens of American weapons systems

Plans by more than 20 advanced US weapons systems, including aircraft and missiles also used by the IDF, have been stolen by Chinese hackers