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Technological danger? Introducing the first printed gun (updated)

Update: The gun programs, all parts of which are printed and made of plastic, have been removed from the site at the instruction of the US government

Delta Six: The controller that wants to revolutionize the world of FPS games

A new gaming controller who raises money through the KickStarter site claims to completely change the way we play action games on a variety of consoles

Spectacular dystopia: Bioshock Infinite in criticism

The third title in the Bioshuk series takes us to a new and wondrous new world. Is there enough to restore the experience from the first game and keep the formula fresh and up to date? We went into exile

GTA V: The cover of the game has been exposed

The biggest game for 2013 continues its baby steps towards the long awaited launch, this time in the menu: The cover of the official game is revealed, and preserves (how not) the classic look we have become accustomed to in the past decade

American researchers present: a Medusa robot that will deal with Bion

A number of young researchers at the University of Virginia have developed a robot that imitates the jellyfish movements and is intended to be used for information gathering and intelligence surveillance

The best for the pilot, and the geeks? HWzone guide to joining the IDF

We are approaching the age of 18 and are on your way to finish high school and land directly at the HWzone, helping you choose the most interesting and challenging technological role that the Israel Defense Forces have to offer

Meet the bullet that captures DNA

The future of fighting crime? A team of researchers from England has developed a bullet that captures the DNA of anyone who touches it

Insurgency 2 - Early access to the new action game

Insurgency 2, the sequel to the Insurgency Method, approaches us. The company offers early access to express, pre-order (19.99 $)

Within the secret arsenal of the Chinese army

The Chinese government is quickly building a larger and more sophisticated army. Here's what they have, what they want, and what it means for the United States

Special Forces: Team X - A new shooting game on the net

The Third Forces online shooting game Special Forces: Team X was officially launched and will cost you $ 15

Daylight: The first game based on Unreal Engine 4

The new horror game, Daylight, throws his main female character into a madhouse without a weapon and no idea how she got there. Want to play?

Laminated Reality - The Future of Advertising According to Google

Google continues to create and conquer fronts in the world of technology, this time - advertising in reality laminated through its new Android game, Ingress

The War of the Roses game is renewed and gets a free version

Fatshark's periodic action game wins DLC and a new version, and gets a free trial version that is almost completely open

Dead Space 3: Virtual store with real money and a souvenir from Shepherd

Was the intoxicating smell of money spinning the head of Visceral Games? Dead Space 3 will allow players to achieve more advanced weapons - for cash

Splinter Cell Blacklist: The date of departure was announced

Have you missed? UBSoft has announced that the next title in the action / stealth series will land in stores this August

Infinite energy? Andrea Rossi 's black box

An Italian inventor says he built a machine that can provide power to the entire world. Could the answer to humanity's energy problems be so simple?

Black Ops 2: Will the Revolution Content Package arrive at the end of January?

Moodle images indicate that the first content package for the new title of the Call of Duty family will arrive this month - at least for Xbox 360

The founder of a wanted mafia in Central America on suspicion of murder (updated)

Update: McAfee was arrested in Guatemala after arriving to seek asylum from law enforcement agencies

Splinter Cell Blacklist: New demo

UBSsoft is slowly returning to center stage with its release of Assassin's Creed 3, which broke records and Far Cry 3, which is getting great reviews, is already starting to grease the hype engine for the next big title

Printing electronics at home is closer than ever

A new material called "Carbomorph" enables three-dimensional printing of custom-made electronic products, and at the customer's home

Battlefield 3 - A new trailer to the Epicenter map

The content of the Aftermath extension will land towards the end of the month and will offer players a new "playground" in the form of the city of Tehran a few days after a devastating earthquake. Now there is also a trailer

Review: Dishonored - No honor, there is a great game

A mysterious and stylish world and rich playtime make Dishonored an unforgettable experience

New games for android Week 42

Experience nostalgia on the runway, in space and in the basement, challenge yourself to the test of quadrionation and attack the castle - all this and more in our Android games coverage

Far Cry 3: Not like everyone else

A new video game for the Far Cry 3 game, about 14 long, shows a variety of special abilities that you will probably not find in other genre games.

Battlefield 3: The Aftermath extension will be released on 27 for November

The fourth DLC content for Battlefield 3 will take place in Tehran after an earthquake