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Title 5: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If the lack of role-playing games really made you lose hope - good news! Skyrim, the last game in the old Elder Scrolls series, will bring back light to your life. The full review

Gigabyte GTX570 Super OverClock - super fast

We took one of Gigabyte's most expensive video cards to the test and were surprised to learn that it was just the beginning

Who needs fans anyway ?!

Scientists have developed a new processor cooling technology that drops the fan and turns the heat sink in place

Five computers that wanted to kill us all

Perhaps today's computers still have no artificial intelligence to satisfy their desires or personalities, but from the moment they exist, they cause fatal failures in people's lives. Let's look at some of the history of the computers that wanted to kill us

Arrests at Dell

A marketing trick ended with a visit by the SWAT

A UAV in the skies of New York

A drone that circulates freely in the skies of New York is available for purchase by private customers

Black Ops dilutes the world population

Since the launch of the game, Black Ops have killed about 70% of the world's population. Tens of millions were stabbed to death

YouTube launches paid content

Will we soon be able to see content such as Youtube movies and paid TV shows?

Graphics in computer games - did not we exaggerate?

There is no doubt that realistic graphics are fun, but when given extra importance, the entire game experience is impaired. Personal column

Border under constant observation

A new virtual fence that will detect invaders along 3,200 km of the American border

Homeless ideas

We've compiled a number of cool gadget concept designs for you - why did not they think about it before?

The failure of the CIA

The US is using advanced UAVs in Iraq and Afghanistan - but their video broadcasts are open to all

Zone Alarm in the field, information thieves and voltage

Check Point's new security suite will protect your computer - even if it's stolen

SilverStone: Revolutionary Enclosures

Of all the packages we saw in the exhibition, SilverStone's most interesting ones are thanks to the innovative approach

Second generation to LG's integrated HD burner

The new GGW-H20LI, capable of writing on Blu-ray media at 6x speed, means 16 takes minutes to burn a BD-R disc. ..

New HD DVD players and Blu-ray players

In addition to the launch of LG's new LG player and the news of new technologies that are expected to reach CDs for both formats, large companies continue to launch new HD DVD or Blu-ray players, each company according to the camp ...

Ideazon Zboard

The solution that the company offers is quite simple but revolutionary - it takes a base and puts on different types of panels, which are basically keyboards and buttons in different shapes and captions suitable for the many games and software available on the market. Each panel has a chip that contains information about the type of keyboard and the function of the buttons On the same keyboard so that the relationship between the panel and the base is PnP (Plug and Play) and allows the exchange of panels in a moment.

Science and Technology Forum

A week ago, our forum opened a forum on a new forum that will deal with technology and science - topics that have not been found in our forum until now. The response to the survey was great and most of the voters voted ...

The Eighth Forum - full coverage

The last meeting took place during the Sukkot holiday, on 16 / 10 / 2003, in the same place as before - the Haifa promenade on the roof of the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv, already known as a meeting place for various forums. All sorts of little girls from other forums who did not understand what a large group of boys alone (o_O) did to her under the shed.

The sixth meeting - full coverage

Towards the end of the hour 14: 00 Most of the people have already arrived and started to get to know each other and although at first it was quite quiet, soon the boardwalk filled with noise and noise (and on a motherboard that flew in all directions and refused to give in) For fear of their lives (a flying motherboard is a deadly weapon). After about an hour, everyone (almost) went down to a hearty meal at McDonald's and after they had finished gorging, they went back up to the promenade.

Next thing in the audio field

When you watch a movie in the movie theater, you see a television in the living room or you hear music on your computer, the sound has an annoying tendency to spread around the room instead of getting straight to your ears ...

AMD continues as usual ...

AMD still has no real weapon against Intel's powerful processors, and that's how things look at the moment, but to all it's releasing a new pair of processors, no less important: the portable dowry at clock speed ...