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In search of new players: Black Ops 4's Royal Black is available for free for a week

Title Activision's latest action breaks into its first introductory week in its current incarnation

Mercilessly: The new game of Dark Souls creators will let you feel like a samurai

The Japanese studio FromSoftware has become one of the most sought after names in the gaming market - and it seems that Sony and Activision are the ones that will benefit from its services in the near future

Meet the great action games of the year

So what will the current year look like in gaming? According to two of the largest distributors in the field, it will be very similar to what we have seen in the past

Activision's new patent will make the built-in purchases more cunning

Did you think that the current methods of persuading players to purchase digital supplements in real money in various online titles are problematic? The technology of the big American distributor indicates that it is only the tip of the iceberg