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The Galaxy S8 confirms the great news of 10 nanometer chips

With a huge screen, a powerful processing unit and an average capacity battery, the Galaxy S8 Plus seems to have better working times than its predecessors, thanks to Samsung's innovative manufacturing processes

Apple's new product is one of the most powerful it has ever created

The Cupertino giant took a surprising step and exposed protective covers with a built-in battery for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, which cost a lot of money and do not exactly look like something you would expect from the prestigious company

Huawei's technology will allow a smartphone to survive a full day with a few minutes of charging?

The Chinese manufacturer is preparing an alternative to the rapid charging technologies of Qualcomm, Samsung and Intel, with the aim of revolutionizing the field

Battery life on the new iPhones is impressive, and this is a great news for all smartphone owners

Apple's new devices reinforce what we saw at Samsung earlier this year, and give us high hopes for the expansion of the transition to 16 and 14 nanometers

Cameras or not: Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were officially launched

The new Nexus is exactly what we expected, but we are able to surprise despite all thanks to advanced cameras. Will this help justify the pricing?

In the Shadow of the 4K: Meet the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact

The new pair of smartphones from Sony that came to the Premium side offers a number of unique capabilities, yet it can disappoint consumers and fans alike

Sony's new smartphone is spectacular, and also a triumph for Mediatek

The Japanese manufacturer is launching one of the more interesting intermediate devices we have seen recently, and it is giving up quite surprisingly the services of Qualcomm for the great Taiwan competitor

The new era of the Xperia Z may come in September

In two months will we see Sony finally launching true and worthy successors for the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact? Recent whispers across the network say this is the case

Learn more about the smartphone with the giant battery

The Chinese Oukitel unveils more details and updated pictures of the world's first smartphone that will feature a 10,000-mAh battery

Mlais MX Base: Android Lollipop and a generous battery (Update: Now for less than 400!)

A new smartphone that you should pay attention to offers an up-to-date operating system, built-in memory and RAM, and an unusually large battery at a very attractive price

The big turnaround: Samsung technology may double the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries

The giant Korean company has developed a method that can significantly improve the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries known to all of us

30 Miramar above all else: a smartphone with a huge battery at a great price

The new battery pack of the smartphone market can now be yours for less than 500

Galaxy S6 Active: The king of unbeatable battery life

Samsung's new smartphone is emerging not only as one who is not afraid of external damage, nor has an outstanding battery life

Doogee S6000: Unlocked with a huge and cheap 6,000mAh battery

Chinese Doogee joins battery life race and introduces device with intermediate specification, generous 6,000mAh battery and competitive price tag

Marathon M5: The Never-ending Smartphone

Chinese Gionee breaks all records with a smart device that has a pair of batteries with a total capacity of 6,020mAh - but also a thickness of 8.5 millimeters only

Meet the Bluboo X550: a smartphone with a huge battery at a tiny price

Here's another Chinese smartphone worth noting: The Bluboo X550 offers an up-to-date Android 5.1 system and a capacity of 5,300 milliseconds, now less than 150 dollars

Innos Introduces Unlocked Phone With Unprecedented Battery Capacity

An interesting line in the smartphones market comes from a relatively anonymous Chinese manufacturer called Innos. The new smartphone is D6000, and as it is, it has a battery with a capacity of 6,000 mAh

Pocket quality: ADATA launches its external PV120 battery

Looking for an external battery that's fun to carry around in your pocket? The new ADX PV120 is for you

Will Google's secret lab give us more sophisticated batteries?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the technology giant's mysterious Google X lab has been working for three years on a breakthrough in rechargeable batteries

The future of mobile energy? Stanford is close to completing the development of a battery loaded in a minute

The aluminum-ion battery it works on at the American University is also safe, cheap and has a life span of ten times the market. But will it meet our energy requirements?

Kraftwerk: A portable fuel cell that will change your digital life

The German eZelleron company has developed a safe and portable fuel cell that will change the way we think about charging our mobile devices

Fry and enjoy: New use of graphene material may revolutionize our batteries

A new experiment in the graphene material could revolutionize the battery industry and thus the smartphone market, with spectacular results that we all waited for

Tesla's new electric car offers an unprecedented driving range

The car, re-modeled on the outdated version of the Tesla Roadster, will bring improvements to the aerodynamics and friction of the car with the road, in addition to improving the car batteries for a significant increase in travel range

Plan V: Never get stuck without a battery on a smartphone

Unlike other concepts we have seen in the field, Flintu displays a cable that will allow you to charge your smartphone with a standard 9 Volt battery so you do not stay idle at the most important times

The new battery champions of the smartphones world

Smart devices with massive batteries and the ability to work several days between charging and charging become more common with each passing day, but there are those who volunteer to remind us that we are still far from the peak in terms of capacity