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Technology is improving rapidly: A new patch is making the performance of the warp trace more efficient in Battlefield V

After a disappointing initial launch, DXR technology in the popular action game leaps forward with a new patch and updated NVIDIA drivers

RTX technology reaches Battlefield V - cutting performance in half

A patch distributed with the official launch of the title of the action in question provides us with a platform for tracking the horns in games - and indicates that there is much more to improve before the ability becomes a basic commodity in the field

For limited time only: All Battlefield 1 expansion packs are available for free

EA Games has found its way to remain interested in its Battlefield series due to the postponement of the release of the new episode - and free to distribute all four content packs of the previous hit

Fear of competition? The launch of Battlefield V is rejected

Adverse Reactions in Alpha? Early sales disappointing pace? Development problems? The new episode of the EA Games series that will bring us back to the days of World War II will come only at the end of November

Fire, Aircraft and Women: The Gameplay of Battlefield V (updated)

EA Games' biggest title for the coming year offers a long, action packed trailer - including a small glimpse of the new Royale

Battlefield V developers attack: do not like the new approach? Do not buy

The creators of the new game in the famous action series find it difficult to contain the repeated complaints about the political correctness

Like everyone else, and another: Battlefield V joins the Battle Royale madness

Along with the first real gameplay - we got the news that the hottest trend in the gaming world will not miss the old EA Games series

The Bizarre Parade: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

The two major military games of 2018 were officially unveiled - and they are not exactly what we expected to see

Call of Duty in the time tunnel

What did good for the Battlefield series do well for its bitter competitor? We'll soon find out

War of a different kind: Battlefield 1 conquers the world

The new action game wins the grades that the veteran brand has not seen since the beginning of the decade

The plot of Battlefield 1 is revealed with an impressive video gameplay

The series of action games purports to finally provide a single-player action situation, alongside the online action known to all of us

Prepare your computer for the First World War

Final Battlefield 1 system requirements are here

Bonus for the new launch: All Battlefield 4 expansion packs are available for free download

EA Games is bracing for the launch of the great Battlefield 1

Just waiting for you: Battlefield 1 is ready to express public with DirectX 12

Some users have already gained access to the online tests of the intriguing title - and show us the graphic settings available on the PC version

Hold on tight: Battlefield 1's open beta begins very soon

Want to come back in time 100 years and experience the greatest war the world has known until then from several different angles? At the end of the month it happens

Watch: Will this video save Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?

A new long gameplay of the action title manages to accumulate far more positive responses than before

Watch: This is probably the most impressive video game for Battlefield 1

Popular YouTube user Use tools to change the color gamut and hide the user interface for the closed alpha tests of the action game in question, resulting in a spectacularly simple result

New free gifts from EA Games: the Nox game and the Battlefield Hardline expansion pack

The On-House game distribution project continues with the well-remembered action-role action game from the Millennium Terminal, and with an additional DLC package for the latest Battlefield title launched so far

Jump to yesterday: Battlefield 1 was officially unveiled and will guide you through the First World War

Just a few hours before the exposure, a concept image that leaks to the net seemingly confirms the reports that the new action game will take us a hundred years back in time

EA's greatest parade: Batalfield 5 and Titanfall 2 This year, Mass Effect: Andromeda at the beginning of 2017

The American distributor is updating its plans for the near future, with two action hits coming during 2016 and an official rejection of the next game in the famous role-playing series

Stunning or boring? New Star Wars Battlefront video game (updated)

A new 10 play video from the alpha stage of the new EA and DICE game gets mixed reactions across the web

Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline, now at half price

EA's Origin platform shop is currently running their own summer promotion, with significant discounts on fresh titles that you can not get anywhere else

The Wars of Tomorrow: Battlefield Hardline On the way, Battlefield 5 is in the planning

The next title in EA's successful action series gets an exit date and a direct continuation to Battlefield 4 on the way - but not before 2016

NoobTube: Updates from the hottest gaming channel

In the past few weeks NoobTube has been working vigorously on video content being invested and interesting. Enter new videos and updates

Will Mantle boost performance at Battelfield 4?

This month we'll probably see a good hour to see Mantle at Battlefield 4