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Review: Battlefield 4 - The Battlefield you've always wanted

The expected sequel to Battlefield 3 came, and with it the criticism. When Mukler went out to check on all the fuss and returned with a tank and two helicopters

Beta Battlefield 4 will begin at 1 in October

According to Origin, you will be able to experiment with the beta of Battlefield 4 in early October. A new modus called Defuse was also exposed

EA's best games - less than 20 NIS (updated)

Update: Two more games joined the Humble Origin Bundle for those who paid above the average amount

Battlefield 4: A look at the classics of all armies

DICE Publishes Kits to Multiplayer Game of Battlefield 4: Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support for US, Russian and Chinese Armies

The game Arma 3 will be officially released on 12 in September

Bohemia Interactive announced its official date of departure for the third title in its series of ultra-realistic action games

Battlefield 4: A Visual and Technological Advantage of Radeon Cards?

Will the exclusive support of the Radeon HD11.1 Series DirectX7000 give them a substantial advantage over competing products from the Greenfield Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 - Alpha version performance tests

The alpha phase of Battlefield 4 has already started and if you are curious about how your computer will run the game in the future, a few Benchmarkers have come to perform video cards, processors and memory

Battlefield 4: A glimpse into the realistic Frostbite 3 engine

DICE develops a new video that introduces us to the capabilities of its next-generation, sleek and revolutionary next-generation engine - Frostbite 3

"Battlefield 4 will be a cinematic experience, a human and reliable game"

EA continues to invest in a single-player campaign in Battlefield 4, which will be released this fall, and hopes to attract more players from the big rival - Call of Duty

Battlefield 4: Official gameplay revealed

Update: EA confirms that Battlefield 4 will be launched this fall, and there is also a formal 17 video game in minutes!

Battlefield 4 may be unveiled at the GDC at the end of the month

This is a rumor now, based on a teaser EA released this week by invitation to the event, but history shows that Battlefield 4 will probably be exposed in two and a half weeks

Watch: The Razer Edge tablet runs the Battlefield 3 game

After being impressed by the video that featured Reiser's gaming tablet running the Crysis 3 game, a new video documents it as a popular and equally impressive gameplayer - Battlefield 3

EA -Xbox 720

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Battlefield 3: First screenshots from the latest content package

The final DLC for Battlefield 3, called End Game, will be released next month. The first three pictures reveal what awaits us in the swan song of the successful title

There is a gaming industry in Israel - coverage of the GameIS 2012 conference

Last month, he held the Gameis annual game conference at the Meditech in Holon - we went there to see what all the fuss was about and returned with renewed hope in the Israeli gaming world

End Game: The latest content pack for Battlefield 3

DICE releases new details on the fifth and final expansion of Battlefield 3

Play maps from Voice of Duty and Battlefield in Far Cry 3

Have you ever wondered how a stage will be learned from a particular game in a completely different game engine? Far Cry 3's great map editor has answers for you

Nostalgia Attack: Battlefield 1942 is available for free download

Electronic Arts celebrates the success of Battlefield 3 and releases the title that began history, Battlefield 1942, for free

Battlefield 3 - A new trailer to the Epicenter map

The content of the Aftermath extension will land towards the end of the month and will offer players a new "playground" in the form of the city of Tehran a few days after a devastating earthquake. Now there is also a trailer

MoH: Warfighter - a clip for the first DLC

The game has not yet been launched, but the trailer to the first map package Zero Dark Thirty has also got

Battlefield 3: The Aftermath extension will be released on 27 for November

The fourth DLC content for Battlefield 3 will take place in Tehran after an earthquake

Medal of Honor, In the Shadow of Big Brother Opinion column

Or: Why the old games series is not working in this era

Armored Kill: Departure date

The next Battlefield 3 content package will come first to the PS3 premium users

Armored Kill

Watch gameplay from the new Battlefield 3 expansion pack

The Quiz #6: The answers and the winner

The 6 Quiz - this is your chance to win great games