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When Battlefield meets Google's Project Glass

A talented Israeli creative team presents its vision for the future of the Battlefield Games and the world of gaming in general, inspired by Google's rugged reality glasses project

Is 2143 the next BF game?

Hidden hint or just decoration?

Battlefield 3 - Game of the Year?

Batelfield's massive advertising campaign, 3, made it one of the year's games even before the departure. We went out to check what all the fuss was about

Tournament BF: BC2 opens - let's win a 560GTX video card

We are pleased to announce the BF: BC2 tournament on our public server! The tournament will take place on Thursday, 13 to October at 8 PM (20: 00), and participation is open to all

Server Battlefield Bad Company 2 sponsored by MSI's Bad Company 2 is back in the air, sponsored by MSI - Join the Battle!