Recently, the software company Microsoft expanded its relationship with one of the BIOS manufacturers, Phoenix Technologies. According to the new deal, the two companies ...

New Matrox BIOS

Matrox have released a BIOS update for G550, G450, G400 & G200 cards. To download the update (by the way, it's your responsibility yet ... :-)

BIOS updates to Gigabyte

Gigabyte has released BIOS updates to all of its motherboards for AMD processors, in order to support the new Athlon XP 2000 processors. The board models for them ...

Asus P4T-E Bios Update

Asus today released a new BIOS for P4T-E, which fixes the island's support for Northwood core processors (downloadable, incidentally, at your own risk)

NVIDIA BIOS Editor v1.00A

A new version of the chip editor for nVidia chip-based cards has come out. The editor supports all cards except TNT and TNT2.Download (Please note, the download but ...

Asus Beta BIOS

Just started this week and already Asus is releasing a new BIOS for the P4T-M. (Please note, this bios is still a beta version, download at your own risk)


While browsing the net in an attempt to find interesting news, I found something very interesting, editing bios for cards with nVidia chips. The editor ...

A7V266 bios version 1002B

A new BIOS version of A7V266 can be downloaded from the following link ... Download as always, at your own risk ... The version, incidentally, is 1002B ... to download