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See in the dark and sleep quietly: the home camera that does not need an electrical connection

Reolink's Argus 2 camera comes with everything you need to take advantage of the solar weather in Israel for your own smart home

All the technologies in one place: Samsung is trying to reinvent the smartphones

Meet the Galaxy A9 2018, the Korean company's most interesting intermediate model with a record number of photo sensors at the rear

Get ready: A smartphone with nine cameras is under development

It was only a matter of time: the startup company that launched an innovative camera with 19 Image Sensors is working to bring its technology to our smart pocket devices

The futuristic smartphone from Red is approaching launch

Early registration for the acquisition of the mysterious Red Hydrogen One opens with the Verizon cellular operator, as a hint of the approaching timing of its arrival in the market

The wheel of the computerized lenses: Nokia is making us a smartphone with innovative photography capabilities?

A new rumor, backed by relevant patent registrations, declares that the Nokia 10 model could be the company's first mobile photography revolution in its new incarnation

Google's smart camera that edits your videos itself is available for purchase, roughly

The Clips camera displayed alongside the Pixel 2 is available for purchase - for a small group of early subscribers

Looking into the future: Intel's RealSense

The Smart Space Imaging Development Division of the giant company and its leader has plans that may surprise you

New Fashion Buds: Meet your first smartphone with a built-in VR camera

In an era when smartphones are switching more and more standard cameras every day - it was only a matter of time before we also see a combination of 360 cameras in them

New smartphones for photo enthusiasts come to the market

Dream of the ultimate combination of a camera and a smartphone that will be compact enough to carry in your pocket? Kodak (yes, yes) and Lassos have interesting suggestions for you

The smartphone, the Salafi and the inevitable end of the pocket cameras

After years of surprising and impressive technological jumps, it seems that the process of replacing traditional home cameras with our smart pocket machines has been fully completed

Driving in peace: an advanced QHD camera for your car is available at a discount

VIOFO's A119 model, which promises to give you some peace of mind on the roads, is discounted

A piece of history: The third camera that came down from the Nikon production line is for sale

Do you have a lot of money and a strong fondness for very rare technological products? This may be the fulfillment of a dream for you

New: Security cameras with artificial intelligence

A recording solutions provider will deploy Movidius' innovative processing unit to streamline its smart cameras

Your webcam has been disabled after updating 10 windows? there is a solution

This year's update of 10, it turns out, has caused thousands of webcams to stop working. Until it is officially fixed, we have intermediate treatments for you

The right way: The tiny GoPro Session gets a significant price cut

The ultra-compact and ultra-compact camera of the American manufacturer is finally getting a price that fits its features

LG's new smartphone is full of screens and cameras

The Korean manufacturer's new V10 goes beyond its norms with a metal body, a pair of front cameras and even a unique secondary front screen. A winning recipe or just a mess?

Cameras or not: Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were officially launched

The new Nexus is exactly what we expected, but we are able to surprise despite all thanks to advanced cameras. Will this help justify the pricing?

The smartphone that feels like a camera is available for early purchase

Lenovo's Vibe Shot Z smartphone, which promises to provide a decent photography experience and quality at a reasonable price, can be booked online

The Xperia Z5 Premium was unveiled with the most advanced smartphone screen ever

We heard the early reports and yet it was hard to believe, but Sony did, and launched the first smartphone ever with the 4K screen. Is this the ultimate flagship device? All the details inside

OmniVision's new camera sensors will offer a lot of quality in a small number of megapixels

Sony's biggest competitor in the world of photography sensors for smart devices is hoping to break forward with a pair of new products with impressive technology

Going on a new road? First official glimpse of the Snapdragon 820 chip

As promised, Qualcomm has officially unveiled its next leading ARM chip. Or at least selected parts thereof

Enter time: Asus's Zenfone 2 family continues to expand

Want Zenfone 2 in an upgraded look, with 128GB of built-in storage and 4GB of RAM? If so, the Zenfone 2 Deluxe is probably just for you

The Xperia M5 is probably the most impressive smartphone we've ever met

Sony launches interesting successor to the M4 Aqua, equipped with a recent Mediatek chip and aiming to create a new "super-intermediate" category

The Moto X Play is an intermediate smartphone with a big heart, and an even bigger battery

Not very thin, not the most powerful and not the most prestigious, but the new Motorola smartphone that will enter between Moto G and Moto X has a lot of character. Will that be enough to convince consumers?

The Axon is ZTE's best smartphone, but we're not sure we can get it

The Chinese manufacturer is storming the US market with an impressive smartphone, at a price that could be a competition for OnePlus 2. Will we see it in our regions as well? It's not so obvious anymore