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New era: Mass production of 7 nanomaterials began

TSMC completes the technological leap over Intel and announces a new and amazing milestone - that will enable us to get more efficient chips than ever before the end of the year

The leading smart device chip developer is being acquired at 32 billion

The Japanese communications conglomerate SoftBank plans to buy the giant chip and semiconductor giant ARM in a huge amount

Samsung Galaxy A9: Price and Performance are Revealed

The Korean giant's new tablet has been officially unveiled, and continues to position itself as an interesting alternative to Galaxy Note

The Mediatek's ten-core chip pops up in the performance test and delivers very impressive results

The chip's new Helio X20 chipset makes muscle in the reservoir of the popular Geekbench test

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon chips 650 and Snapdragon 652

The chip maker has decided to change the name of its intermediate chips for 2016, and rightly so

A glimpse of Samsung's new tablet

Just before it's officially revealed, we get slides that show everything you need to know about the great and impressive Galaxy A9 smartphone

The Snapdragon chip 820 breaks records on LeTV's new smartphone

Preliminary performance tests for the intriguing Chinese instrument provide impressive results

First tests are already here: The Snapdragon 820 chip proves to be a monster

The next-generation development platform of Qualcomm has reached the hands of journalists, providing us with a first formal and full view of the performance expected for us in the big leap to 14 nm

First glance at Xiaomi's next market break

A new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer under the code name Kenzo has emerged in the Geekbench performance test database, and makes us believe that the release of the Redmi 3 is around the corner

Another terrifying Chinese that is on its way to us: a first glimpse of LeTV One X910

The new flagship device of the young Chinese manufacturer emerged in the database of the Antutu performance test, and looks very impressive

The Xperia Z6 coming soon, with five different models?

A new Chinese report from a reputable source claims that Sony is preparing no fewer than five different size models for its next flagship. The more the better?

Look inside the jug: Vivo has created the superfluous smartphone for 2015?

The pair of new Chinese manufacturer's devices offers a luxurious metal shell, but even shaky intermediate chips, tiny batteries and price tags do not really wink

The most ambitious to date: Introducing the Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone

After years of preparation and gradual progress, the Chinese smartphone's fresh smartphone feels like a product that might really be able to compete with the best in the market

Intermediate Market Plus Plus: Samsung Unveils the Second Generation of Galaxy A Devices

With high-quality design, good intercoms and price tags, Samsung's new middleware family will try to find a way to wink at anyone who can not afford the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5

A great result for the Samsung Exynos 8890 chip in the Antutu performance test

Samsung's new-age chip has visited the latest version of the popular Chinese performance test, and came out with a crown performance on its head, at least for now

Monster: NVIDIA is preparing a tablet with the Tegra X1 chip

A new result in the GFXBench performance test database reveals that the tablet with NVIDIA's most powerful ARM chip is in the making. Will it be a real competition for the iPad?

NVIDIA's powerful Android tablet makes a comeback with an excellent price tag

With a kepler graphics core, exclusive titles and a lower price tag, NVIDIA hope Shield K1 will be a real heir to the Nexus 7

Not resting: photos and details for two more advanced Huawei smartphones

Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei P9 Max should be unveiled before the end of the year, with new Kirin 950 chips and more surprises

Xiaomi's powerful tablet is available for purchase at Koretz

One of the only tablets on the market based on NVIDIA's advanced Tegra K1 chip can be purchased in a variety of colors and versions 16GB or 64GB

The Galaxy S7 will also come in premium version, with even more processing power?

Sources report that Samsung's next flagship device will be offered in a very expensive and prestigious version, with a particularly formidable graphics core

Meet the world's most prestigious Android clock

After many promises, it finally happened: Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer unveiled its first smart clock, and is certainly a special representative in this crowded category

When in Israel? The Huawei G7 Plus is a particularly high-end intermediary

The Chinese manufacturer presents a smartphone that reminds us very much of the Zenfone 2 Laser, but also replaces the plastic body with bright, round metal

IPad Peru came to the stores and displays monstrous performance

The price is high and the size is just huge, but the new Apple A9X chip appears to be the first product to compete with even the best Intel

This race is hot: Samsung is unveiling the sophisticated Exynos 8890

After Qualcomm and Huawei, the Queen of the Smartphone market is also coming to present its new chip, which offers self-developed processing cores, a massive graphics core, and a built-in LTE modem

NVIDIA will guide you on how to get the most out of Fallout 4

The green chip developer has released a detailed guide that purports to explain all of the visual settings in the new HotSpot game, providing you with an opportunity to make the most of your system