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Ryzen's pressure works? The price of Intel processors is on the way down

Prices for the Blue House home models may be reduced thanks to the new threats of the red competitor - and the initial hints of this can be seen on the ground today

Meet the monsters of Asus: powerful gaming machines surprisingly surprising weight

The Taiwanese hardware maker is launching a new series of new Intel Core i9-based gaming machines - including one special for it we certainly did not expect

The updated roadmap of Intel: 10 cores next to 10 nm

Fresh leaks reveal some of the chip maker's plans for the next two years

The ninth generation is flourishing: Intel is expanding its family of desktop processors

The 9 series of Core processors landed a few months ago and is now being complemented by other models in the mid-market - on the way to increase processing power available to consumers

Intel's Coffee Lake processors are ready for further refresh

About six months after the initial launch, BIOS updates for the leading players' motherboards reveal a new supported sub-version that will reach stores soon with updated budget models

Next generation: Acer unveils Intel's future processors and NVIDIA graphics cards

New Taiwanese laptop models will include hardware components that have not yet been publicly disclosed

A small glimpse into a new generation of mobile

A familiar Twitter teller provides us with documentation of a future PC - Intel's ninth generation Core processor and an NVIDIA

NUC is the most powerful in the environment: a tiny computer with a hexagonal processor cores

Looking for maximum power in Intel's smallest configuration? This device may be the dream come true for you

Intel officially launches graphics-less processors - to cut prices?

The Core family of the ninth generation has been on the shelves for several months at quite high prices - and now it seems that the potential for costs will be a little more wrenching thanks to the first models of their kind where the built-in graphics core is not active

Goodbye to graphics core: The Intel F series is coming up

The big chip maker will go the way of AMD and offer desktop processors even without built-in graphics processing units - although the price remains a mystery at this stage

Motherboard MEG Z390 ACE Audit: MSI manages to impress us

Taiwanese advanced motherboard landing on exam table - find out how it meets the tough energy requirements of the octagonal Core i9 9900K processor

Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard: perfect connectivity

Get to know in depth one of Intel's most unique LGA1151 products - with an elegant design that is combined with a range of technical capabilities

Intel will offer 10 processors cores to the masses even before switching to 10 nm? (Updated)

It is very difficult to find Intel's latest eight-core processors in stores - but the manufacturer may already be in the process of developing a new and larger generation

Lenovo is inadvertently unveiling Intel's next generation of mobile processors

The ninth generation will come to the mobile market as a replacement for the Whiskey Lake models that have just begun to appear in stores

New standard of quality: motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro review

Get to know one of the most important motherboards of the new generation from Intel. Gigabyte listened to the responses and met demand with the Aorus Pro Z390

The cheapest Alienware mobile is on its way to the stores

The new Dell compact and lightweight m15 will win a version with a quad-core Core i5 processor that will allow it to be slightly more accessible than any other gaming brand

Maximus XI Extreme Review Board

Meet one of the world's most advanced motherboards - the new flagship of Intel's Z390 chipset

Intel: Record revenue that hits the forecast

All the problems within the process of transition to 10 nanometer lithography and the shortcomings of current generation products are not driven from chip chipsets to break economic records

Eight-core speeding: Core i9-9900K breaks records with the rush to 7.1GHz

Intel is meeting some of the world's fastest carriers to take the new model to the edge of physics - and break some records for octagonal models on the way there

The next generation of Zen cores from AMD could jump above Intel's performance

A possible improvement of up to 13 in single kernel performance for Zen 2 may steal Intel's crown from the end of the previous decade

Dynamic memories of 128GB (almost) for everyone

Intel confirms that its new generation of processors supports memories in a total volume double than before - just in time to announce the first models that will enable this in practice

The Delidding is still alive and kicking

Despite the transition to the use of high-quality soldering between the processing chip and the new generation shield, the process of separating and replacing the material independently may improve the thermal performance received

Intel Core i9 Processor 9900K in Comprehensive Auditing

Intel is launching a new series of processors and we have taken its glowing Core i9 9900K for testing: the popular desktop market finally gets 8 processing cores from Intel

ASUS offers a range of Z390 boards designed for Intel Core 9 processors

Meet the Team: The Taiwanese Hardware Manufacturer Announces New Intel Z390 Series Motherboards Designed to Meet the Demandful Requirements of Aspiring Users

AMD unveils launch date for new Threadripper processors

The remaining two models of the developer's impressive HEDT family will be available for purchase at the end of this month, just in time for the arrival of the next generation of Intel