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Intel's new processors will arrive in about six months

A recent road map of the chip giant indicates that the Broadwell-E processors will land in the second quarter of 2016, and a little later we will also receive the Skylake generation interim update

IPad Peru came to the stores and displays monstrous performance

The price is high and the size is just huge, but the new Apple A9X chip appears to be the first product to compete with even the best Intel

It's time to consider upgrading: The new Skylake processors are here

The big flood began: Intel is launching a record number of new processors from the Skylake section, including some surprises we have not seen before

Prepare the Rattles: Launch dates for Skylake processors

Want to upgrade your computer and want to know how long will you have to wait for the new generation of Intel? All the details you are looking for are here

Details about Intel's new Core M processors

What will the Skylake era bring us to the most efficient and efficient Core processor family? The answers are inside

Flashing or a joke? Intel will offer mobile processors with fast capabilities

Is it possible that the new Skylake generation will provide us with first-class mobile K processors that can be speeded independently?

Mobile Skylake Processors: The on-line models are exposed

Intel's new generation mobile processor models are being exposed thanks to updated, updated slides

Core i7 6700K CPU Review - Meet SkyLike

Intel's new generation processors go into the air of the world, and we go out to see exactly what they can do and how it affects the market

Officially: Intel's Skylake promises great improvement in graphic processing, modest improvement in general processing

Formal chip-based slides speak of an improvement of 11 in the overall processing capacity of its new processor generation, plus the cost-effectiveness and improvement of 40 to 50 percent of built-in graphics core capabilities

Intel's latest roadmap: Broadwell-E early next year

More details about its plans for the next year's chip giant: Skylake will take control of all product lines by the end of the year, the next Extreme generation will arrive in the first three months of 2016

Good news, bad news: first review of the leading Skylake processor

A first review of Intel's new-generation processor, which will be launched early next month, shows us an additional performance boost in a seemingly single digit percentage

Development Guide with Intel Galileo 2: Scuba diving into code

Make an Idea a Reality: A guide to writing programs in Javascript for Intel's Galileo Board, Intel XDK

14 nm also tomorrow: Kaby Lake is the generation of processors that inherited the Skylake?

Intel's sixth generation has not yet landed, and we are already getting first details of what will follow. Jump to 10 nanometers? She'll probably stop again

Intel's new fixed-core generation will be launched in August?

New reports on the Web point to Intel's intention to launch a high-performance desktop processor generation at the Gamescom conference in less than two months

Lightweight: The 850 G notebook is available for purchase

Lenovo's direct competitor to the new Macbook comes to the stores - with many relative advantages, but also a fairly high price tag

In the shadow of the Core M: Intel launches desktop Airmont chips at 14 nm

Quietly and modestly, Chipzilla is launching a new generation of desktop atom processors, Braswell, which will try to find a right to exist alongside the more advanced Core M models with a similar thermal envelope

Will Intel launch only a pair of stationary processors in its new Broadwell generation?

Rumors have been circulating that the chip giant's 14 product line could only include two models with an LGA chassis for desktop computers. Wrong assessments or change in perception? Maybe it's a little of both

Zen: AMD's next generation will offer DDR4 memory and lithography of 14 nanometers?

New information about AMD's future processors, called "Zen", may reveal the company's response to the processor market for 2016

The War of David and Goliath? AMD's new generation of processors will target mobile devices

AMD confirms that its new Carrizo processors will only be offered on welded BGA versions, and will in fact compete head-on in Chipzilla's U-chip chipset family. A lost battle in advance or the beginning of turning for the manufacturer in red?

CES 2015: Finally, Intel is introducing the fifth generation of Core processors

With the new Broadwell architecture on which the new Intel processors are based, the fifth generation of Core processors for PCs and mobile devices presents improvements in battery life, improved graphics and more

This 14 nm is here: all you need to know about the new generation ultrabooks

The market is starting to fill up with laptops based on Intel's new Core M processors - and we're putting you in order of the unique capabilities and characteristics of each and every one of them

Intel's updated roadmap: Two generations 14 nm to one side

The move to production in a breakthrough 14-nm process is not easy for Intel and carries several delays, but it seems that the chip giant plans to stick to some of the original schedules and launch next year Broadwell processors and Skylake processors

New Broadwell Core M processors from Intel - to correct the first impression?

Chipzilla announced four new and slightly upgraded models for its first series of 14 nm products, which has already raised some eyebrows due to lower performance than previous generations seen in initial reviews

The new Intel Extreme processors will only come on 2016

The generation of the Broadwell-E processors, which will replace the Haswell-E in the high-end home market, will be delayed and reach stores only over a year

Core i7 Processor 4790K: The overclocking that everyone was waiting for

Intel's new Core i7 4790K processor from the Devil's Canyon series is entirely built for overclocking and performance. Does he keep his promises? We checked