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3-D RAM is closer than ever

3-D RAM is closer than ever

With the support of 100 technology companies, the three largest computer memory manufacturers in the world agree on a uniform standard for the next generation of memories, ...

Patriot's stand

Patriot's stand

Patriot introduced DDR3 memory with a unique cooling system and cover for hard drives with WiFi connectivity

500MHz DDR Roundup

Today, as the bass of computers gradually increases and PC3200 memories are considered average low end memories, a place is created in the market for faster memories ...

DDR: War of Speed

We recently reported to you the fastest DDR memory on the market made by OCZ and here is the leading company to create quality memories - ...

Dual Channel DDR in KT400A?

Comdex started with a standing ovation and as befits one of the largest computer shows in the world, it manages to produce news without a break, and now we will talk about ...

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