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New fashion? Large distributors and dedication Denuvo defenses are gradually playing

Two prominent titles were released from the controversial file protection, some time after they had been hacked and pirated

New file protection in the gaming market was hacked in just 2 days (updated)

A new DRM technology called Valeroa purported to provide competition for Denuvo's power, but it seems that the hackers had other plans

A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

At a time when its people have decided to boast of the economic losses caused by the title, which has abandoned the use of technology, the pirates are able to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the renowned DRM company

Monster hunters come to personal computers, finally

The big hit of the company, Monster Hunter World, gets an official launch date for PC - and also system requirements and Denuvo file protection

2018 piracy model

After two months of relative quiet in which it seemed that the company that is fighting piracy game back to the track wins - we get a sequence of new developments that may devour the cards

Another stronghold fell: the game Shadow of War was breached in just one day

File protection Denuvo continues to lose its battles against the breakout teams, and we may witness the start of a new trend of giving up its services

Sega got into trouble with the PC players

The nostalgic and successful platform game Sonic Mania came to PCs two weeks late - now it turns out that this delay is not for polishing but for the addition of the Denuvo Damaged Defense

Just in time for the arrival of the next generation: FIFA 17 also surrendered to pirates

The momentum in the fight against file protection technologies continues, as EA Games' popular football game is spreading across the Web

A new and promising era for Hitman

The popular stealth games series is embarking on a new independent path with a chapter available free to everyone and removing its file protection

The avalanche of Denuvo file protection continues (update)

A third group of burglars began challenging Austrian file protection, and new titles appear to be in real danger of pirated online distribution at an unprecedented speed

Promises should be fulfilled: Denuvo defense in the new game has been completely breached and removed

Developers of the unique title Rime have stated that they will remove the familiar file protection if this is cracked - and have to stand their word much faster than expected

Even the newest version of Denuvo surrendered to pirates

Despite the hopes on the issue, the 4 version of the dreaded file protection is proven to be a surprisingly fast hit - and with it the prey game, which is released freely and illegally only nine days after it was launched

The Great Pirate Fight of the World of Games Continues (Updated)

Denuvo's advanced file-protection developer suffers another blow when the title with the latest version of the system has been hacked in less than 10 days - but shows no signs of slowing in its ambitions

The new Doom update releases it from the Denuvo defense technology (update)

A few months after it was hacked despite its advanced file protection system, the popular action game becomes two that chooses to be proactively released from the services of the Austrian Denuvo. A new trend?

Do not call it a trend: another game waives Denuvo's file protection services

The simulated reality game The Climb from the German company Crytek has canceled the use of the DRM mechanism, but the reason may be bleak and without any real connection to piracy

Another fortress was conquered: Doom 2016 was also officially hacked

Another title protected by the updated version of the famous Denuvo technology was hacked and distributed on the network, to the sound of the digital cheers of the pirates

Another line for pirate enthusiasts: Denuvo protected game has been breached

Is the most daunting defense system in the PC gaming market beginning to crack?

It was fast: the hole in Denuvo was fixed, and the games again protected against the pirates

Less than three days after being exposed and presented, the breach that damaged advanced file protection technology was closed. Or maybe not

a surprise? Cracker Overcome the Latest Version of Denuvo File Protection Technology

The network reports that prominent titles such as Doom, Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider can now be activated for those who have not purchased them