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Expect: Technology for tomorrow's games in action

A fresh video presents us with the new technologies being developed by NVIDIA in its GameWorks project and based on DirectX 12

The SLI and CrossFireX are coming back to fashion thanks to Vulkan

After becoming a nuisance addition in the modern gaming market, the multi-card array can rejuvenate Microsoft's biggest competitor and its DirectX

A new challenge for your graphics card: The next generation 3DMark test has been revealed

A new version of the best-known graphics performance test promises to be even more challenging than anything available to download and run at the moment

Launch at the door: Will Steam OS bring the largest gaming line?

WALAV's dedicated operating system will be operational in the coming days, but apart from Steam Link, it is not yet clear whether there is anything to be excited about, for now

End of Days Vision: AMD and NVIDIA video cards work together, and it works well

Microsoft has assured us that DirectX 12 will allow us to mix various kinds of video cards. The next experiment proves that this is certainly feasible

Continues to run over: NVIDIA controls 82 percent of the video card market

New information indicates that the gap between the green and AMD manufacturers is greater than ever, and the creation of a monopoly may actually occur in the not-so-distant future

Just before the exposure, here's all the details about AMD's new generation of graphics cards

A lot of name refreshes and one big Fury that stands above all of them: all you need to know about AMD's new graphics cards is already on the net, supposedly before the actual launch

Watch: DirectX 12 While the demo is breathtaking

Square-Enix's impressive Luminous engine is designed to support DirectX 12, and displays advanced visual detail levels with the help of Titan X cards

DirectX 12: First look at performance, and are impressive

Moodle images offer us a first taste of the improved performance and capabilities that will bring the upcoming DirectX 12 era

Microsoft Announces DirectX 12 - The End of Mantle?

Microsoft Announces DirectX 12 - the new API designed to conquer the market and replace the not-so-popular DirectX 11

Why does Titanfall weigh 48GB for PC?

Titanfall developers answer the question that has preoccupied many lately - why does Titanfall weigh 48GB on the PC while considering only the 17GB for the Xbox One console?

Mantle displays faded and gray colors in the 4 Battelfield

In a game that first shows the power of Mantle, the young graphics engine displays poor graphics compared to the older DirectX

This is no legend: AMD's Mantle here and performance

The Catalyst beta driver with support for Mantle is available for download - new AMD video cards get added respectable performance in support games

Battlefield 4: A Visual and Technological Advantage of Radeon Cards?

Will the exclusive support of the Radeon HD11.1 Series DirectX7000 give them a substantial advantage over competing products from the Greenfield Battlefield 4?

The next version of DirectX is exposed

Microsoft is unveiling DirectX 11.2 which promises to offer a significant improvement in the utilization of system resources

3DMark: Now Spectacular and Ever-Advanced (Update: Released!)

The festive launch of the next version of the popular performance test comes tomorrow, prepare your graphics cards

Disappointment for gamers: DirectX 11.1 exclusive for Windows 8

In a move that seems to annoy many computer players, Microsoft has decided that the updated version of its DirectX 11.1 graphics API will only be available for 8

DirectX interferes with innovation

How do the consoles keep pace over the years?

New Trailer For 3DMark 11

Futuremark unveils a new trailer for the next version of the popular Benchmark software

Games with DirectX 11 support come into the market

The first PC games with DirectX 11 support are already on the market, led by CodeMasters' DiRT 2

DirectX 11 - no longer just for Windows 7

Microsoft released an update this week that adds support for DirectX 11 to Windows Vista

DirectX 10 - uncompromising performance

The two leading manufacturers continue to fight for the premiere, with stronger (and more expensive) video cards than ever before

DirectX 10 - Battle for the Middle Market

The era of the DirectX 10 has already come, and with it all the video cards that promise support for the new technology at a competitive price

DirectX 10.1 First Card for Mobile

New AMD ATI chipset series for laptops: Mobility Radeon HD3000

DirectX 10 Cheapest - Reality or Gimmick?

Zotac's 8400GS is the cheapest DX10 card available today, but does it also provide results?