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Particularly exaggerated? The original Doom has been re-launched - with online file protection

The Switch version of the classic action title that celebrated 26's birthday recently found itself at the center of heated debate between those who support file defenses and those who strongly oppose them

Summer Sale Shop GOG: Let's get a free game and discounts up to 90 per cent

The store without file protections opens up in a very large deals project and gives the title Obduction at no charge

Blizzard's classics go free

The original Warcraft game joins Diablo - and is officially launched in the file-defenseless GOG store

New fashion? Large distributors and dedication Denuvo defenses are gradually playing

Two prominent titles were released from the controversial file protection, some time after they had been hacked and pirated

Pirate victory? All the big games of the end of the year have been breached

Battlefield 5 joined its competitors in the market and was distributed freely and illegally - and now it seems that once again there is no file protection that can guarantee maximum revenue for the products that rely on it

New file protection in the gaming market was hacked in just 2 days (updated)

A new DRM technology called Valeroa purported to provide competition for Denuvo's power, but it seems that the hackers had other plans

A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

At a time when its people have decided to boast of the economic losses caused by the title, which has abandoned the use of technology, the pirates are able to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the renowned DRM company

Humble Bundle: Big indie games for a small price

On the occasion of the Day of the Devs event, the Humble Bundle will provide us with seven quality titles at a very affordable price.

Watch: The new game of creators The Witcher ignites the imagination

Cyberpunk 2077, the next game of the most famous Polish studio, will be a futuristic title in an open world and first-person - and its fresh trailer will thrill almost every gaming enthusiast

Summer is coming: huge discounts are waiting for you at the GOG store

The online store without file protection began its summer campaigns before the rest of the competition with over a thousand titles at a reduced price - and an addictive one that is available free of charge to anyone who will hurry up

Big discounts on top-of-the-line games without file protections

GOG's new discount project purports to focus on the most popular and popular titles on the platform

The Mafia 3 game returns in a version without file protection

The title of the crime in an open world musk in the GOG store about a year and a half after it began to be sold for the first time, as part of a move that may be backed up by other manufacturers in the future

Coming Soon: Big and leading games with no file protections

Games distributor THQ Nordic decides to go against the tide and announces that it will launch all of its top games for 2018 even in versions without any file protections

Dark side of file protections (updated)

The Dark Side of DRM: A game from Ubisoft has become inaccessible to legitimate purchasers, even in single player situations, due to the development of file protection that has stopped updating its product

2018 piracy model

After two months of relative quiet in which it seemed that the company that is fighting piracy game back to the track wins - we get a sequence of new developments that may devour the cards

The new Metal Gear game has not yet been launched, and is already causing fans to rage

Exposing intentions to demand a permanent connection to the Internet and offer purchases of digital objects with real money does not add much sympathy to Metal Gear Survive, which will be launched next month

Another possibility: The Cuphead game has crossed a sales threshold of one million units

Without Denuvo's file protection and competitive pricing, the stylized Indie title seems like a huge hit

Another stronghold fell: the game Shadow of War was breached in just one day

File protection Denuvo continues to lose its battles against the breakout teams, and we may witness the start of a new trend of giving up its services

Another free game for you, courtesy of the GOG store

The online store that offers only free games gives you Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee for free

Pleasant surprise: Let's get the Psychonauts game free

The online Humble Store wants you to pay attention to its latest discount project - and do it by handing out an old, high-quality game for no fee,

The intriguing indie game will also be sold in Microsoft's closed store and without file protection

Cuphead, the game that will bring you to a Disney cartoon from the beginning of the last century, will be offered simultaneously on three very different PC platforms

Just in time for the arrival of the next generation: FIFA 17 also surrendered to pirates

The momentum in the fight against file protection technologies continues, as EA Games' popular football game is spreading across the Web

A new and promising era for Hitman

The popular stealth games series is embarking on a new independent path with a chapter available free to everyone and removing its file protection

The avalanche of Denuvo file protection continues (update)

A third group of burglars began challenging Austrian file protection, and new titles appear to be in real danger of pirated online distribution at an unprecedented speed

Buy a game without protecting the discounted files from a huge selection - and get another free game

The fresh summer sale of the popular online store GOG offers an interesting concept, with every purchase wherever you go, you will also get a rebel Galaxy at no additional cost