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Learn the lesson? The next Need for Speed ​​game will not require a permanent network connection

After the disappointment from the episode launched a year and a half ago, EA Games is preparing to launch a new racing title this year, which will offer a softened approach to piracy protection

Even the newest version of Denuvo surrendered to pirates

Despite the hopes on the issue, the 4 version of the dreaded file protection is proven to be a surprisingly fast hit - and with it the prey game, which is released freely and illegally only nine days after it was launched

The Great Pirate Fight of the World of Games Continues (Updated)

Denuvo's advanced file-protection developer suffers another blow when the title with the latest version of the system has been hacked in less than 10 days - but shows no signs of slowing in its ambitions

Spring operations of the GOG gaming store began

The online store, which markets games freely without protection technology, launches spring operations before all its competitors

Do not call it a trend: another game waives Denuvo's file protection services

The simulated reality game The Climb from the German company Crytek has canceled the use of the DRM mechanism, but the reason may be bleak and without any real connection to piracy

Have you bought a game? Let's get its free file-protection version for free

The GOG online store initiative to resign from rival Steam's DRM machines is resuming - and there are also discounts and special offers for returning to school

Another line for pirate enthusiasts: Denuvo protected game has been breached

Is the most daunting defense system in the PC gaming market beginning to crack?

a surprise? Cracker Overcome the Latest Version of Denuvo File Protection Technology

The network reports that prominent titles such as Doom, Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider can now be activated for those who have not purchased them