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Not like everyone else: The Samsung smartphone was launched in Israel

The Galaxy A80, which has the rear-view set that is turned over and is also used for salafi, is available for purchase in the local market at prices that are already falling below the official recommended limit

Do not stop upgrading: Samsung is preparing an improved version for the smartphone with the giant battery

The Geekbench test reveals another version of the Galaxy M30, shortly after the launch of the Galaxy M40

Continues to wink at the masses: Samsung introduces an ultra-cheap fitness bracelet

After the significant reduction in the Galaxy A smart devices, a contributing factor of the wearable means is also coming down to the people - thanks to the Galaxy Fit e

The last of this year? Samsung Launches More Galaxy A Smartphones

Introducing the Galaxy A60 and the Galaxy A40s which were introduced for the Chinese market, with large batteries in the best modern tradition of the company

The Galaxy A devices are even cheaper

Samsung confirms that its A series inherits the Galaxy J series from earlier years - and now you can find models in Israel at a starting price of only NIS 500

Ready to launch: Samsung's folding smartphone is featured in the commercial

Will folding screens be the highlight of the MWC 2019 exhibition? This seems like a very sensible option

The Trinity, the Folding and the 5G: Samsung is preparing for its big mobile event

Will the next Unpacked event of the giant company invite us to meet with five new flag products?

Samsung's new smartphone series comes at the end of the month

Infinity-V displays and more generous batteries than ever before are expected in the Galaxy M family

Special, but also expensive: an intermediate market in the Samsung style

Samsung's new and exciting Galaxy A models landed in Israel - it's a shame that the prices are higher than the number of other flagship manufacturers

The next era in the development of smartphones: Galaxy F folding will be displayed this week? (Updated)

Many reports across the network say that the technology we are looking forward to since the beginning of the decade will be presented as part of an actual model - for some of those who will visit Samsung's developer conference in San Francisco

Galaxy S10 Coming Revolution (updated)

Samsung offers a first look at innovative technologies that will allow the camera and other components on the front of the smart devices to become part of the screen - is this what is expected on its next flagship device?

Good Fitness Israel: The Galaxy Watch lands in Israel

Just after the Galaxy Note 9, the improved smart clock that comes with it is also available for purchase - at a price that will become much more profitable than those that will buy both together

Return of the leading Android tablet

Samsung is entering the final preparations for the launch of the Galaxy Tab S4

Within touching distance: Has Samsung's mysterious smartphone already been introduced?

A new rumor has it that the Galaxy X is not an invention, but a real product that even made an appearance at CES 2018 - but in a secret that matches its status

Touch distance from flagship devices: Meet the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy A8 +

Samsung's new pair of Galaxy A models are a significant and welcome upgrade compared to all those who preceded them

There are expensive, and more expensive: Galaxy Note 7 FE and Galaxy Note 8 are getting new details

Will Samsung's next flagship device try to set a new and high price tag tag that will bring us back to an era when we need to spend over NIS 4,000 for the cutting edge?

Samsung's new series of smartphones for the first time is sold only online

The Galaxy J7 Prime and the Galaxy J5 Prime are landing in Israel with highly efficient chipsets and official marketing, which will be carried out through the network only

Samsung Galaxy A9: Price and Performance are Revealed

The Korean giant's new tablet has been officially unveiled, and continues to position itself as an interesting alternative to Galaxy Note

Galaxy's Lost Brother S6? This is how the Xiaomi Mi 5 looks

New images and video show us the seemingly final and official appearance of the flagship device intriguing by the Chinese manufacturer

A glimpse of Samsung's new tablet

Just before it's officially revealed, we get slides that show everything you need to know about the great and impressive Galaxy A9 smartphone

The new rumor: Galaxy S7 will come with 3D touch technology, as with Apple

Reports of the Korean manufacturer's next flagship products are increasing, with new-looking digital processing and a statement of advanced touch technology that Fite will give its biggest competitor

A first glimpse of the Galaxy S7, and the tablet that will accompany it

A smart device accessories manufacturer claims to have details about the final size and shape of Samsung's next flagship device, as well as a large 6-inch model that will appear on its side

Intermediate Market Plus Plus: Samsung Unveils the Second Generation of Galaxy A Devices

With high-quality design, good intercoms and price tags, Samsung's new middleware family will try to find a way to wink at anyone who can not afford the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5

2015 hardware, look 2005: Samsung launches a powerful and powerful clamshell smartphone

Far East are not interested in giving up the old clamshell configuration that accompanies the cellular market from the days of the StarTAC, and this brings Samsung to launch a shell from the past with the hardware of the Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S7 will also come in premium version, with even more processing power?

Sources report that Samsung's next flagship device will be offered in a very expensive and prestigious version, with a particularly formidable graphics core