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Gigabyte GTX 1650 OCX graphics card: impressive engineering, lower price

NVIDIA's new graphics card for the market below the NIS 1,000 threshold is leading to the design level, but comes in a slightly brutal price tag

Time to update: Security holes in NVIDIA drivers

Do you own a card from the GeForce, Quadro or even Tesla family? This is the right time to install the 430.64 version

Surprise: The GeForce GTX 1650 will be cheaper than we thought

Initial rumors predicted a recommended 180 dollar price tag for the mid-sized video card - but now we have its full technical specifications and a statement that the price will start at just $ 150

Reporting: First details on the NVIDIA 7 nano-core processors coming soon

The future Ampere generation of chip developers may be the biggest surprise at the GTC 2019 conference

Reduced Turing: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti floods the network

The new intermediate model will be the first outside of the RTX family and will be based on the core of Turing without the dedicated kernel tracking units - on the way to launch on the weekend

The Palit RTX 2070 Super JetStream is a comprehensive review: one of the most advanced in our generation

To this criticism we took one of the most intriguing versions of the NVIDIA Turing generation - the RTX 2070 Super JetStream from Palit and we came out satisfied. is very

New Details on Xe, a Brand of Intel Graphics Cards

The plans to create custom graphics cores and graphics cards based on them are not disappearing, but are gaining momentum - with a growing architecture that will fit both the most modest home solutions and the world of servers and information centers

Great performance and outrageous pricing - all GeForce RTX details in one place

Last night, NVIDIA launched a series of video cards and redefined the world of gaming - we have assembled for you the technical details and prices of tomorrow's graphics world

Watermark: Advanced video cards at lower prices than ever in Amazon

Investing in a new video card shortly before launch of a new generation is quite a risk - but those who are willing to take it will find surprising price tags

Fresh from the factory: First look at the printed circuit board for next-generation cards from NVIDIA

What does the GeForce GTX 2080 look like before the NVIDIA core is integrated into it? The answer is now before you

Today's hardware, the games of tomorrow

The exposure of the system on which the Cyberpunk 2077 game was demonstrated behind closed doors gives a glimpse of the system requirements that we expect in the not too distant future

The forecast: a decrease of 20 percent in the price of graphics cards may delay the next generation

A new report by Digitimes may inspire optimism in all those planning a material upgrade in the near future - but not for those who are waiting patiently for brand new products

The countdown begins: Intel's graphics cards will come in 2020

The competition for GeForce and Radeon has a time frame on the way to launch - but we'll all have to be patient with a lot of patience

Approaching destination: NVIDIA's new graphics cards will be unveiled on 30 in July (updated)

Those responsible for early reports that have not materialized are convinced that this is the real thing: the new generation will be presented in less than two months

NVIDIA Vs World: The End

The attempt to limit the use of NVIDIA proprietary graphics cards by NVIDIA brands failed, following strong responses from both the purchasers and the main competitor

Meet the AREZ: Asus's answer to the battle between NVIDIA and AMD

NVIDIA's controversial plan to prevent the same branding for the GeForce and Radeon models brings about the birth of a new gaming brand

The new Thunderbolt external chassis - this time with an AMD video card

It may not have been branded as Aourus, but the new gaming box looks like an important addition to the existing lineup

Will a new generation of NVIDIA video cards be unveiled within a few hours? (Updated)

The disappearance of the entire stock of GeForce cards on the official website of the chip developer reinforces the estimates that the GTC conference that begins today will serve as the stage for a large announcement

Add to collection: Introducing PowerColor's new external graphics cards

The TUL brand of Taiwan displays a large external case with broad support and a price tag that is not easy to digest

It's time to download: Updated drivers for NVIDIA and AMD

Want to get the best out of Rise of the Tomb Raider and be ready for The Division? Do not forget to update your GeForce Experience or Crimson

Year of 2016 by AMD: support for full 5K, FreeSync screens for mobile and other surprises

The graphics core developer claims to align itself with NVIDIA on almost all fronts in the coming year, and even skip over to technological leadership

Guide to assembling the computer that will kill the console: Winter 2015

A new year is on the way, and it's time to bring you an updated version of the guide that will give you the most quality gaming at a minimum price

Get the best out of the graphics card: the complete graphics setup guide

Many video games now offer photorealistic graphics, but one that has many confusing parameters: What is Vsync or MSAA? What settings should you turn on or off and what exactly do they give? You will find all the answers here

NVIDIA is preparing a GDDRXNUMM memory card for the cheap portable video cards

Network reports that the chip developer is preparing upgraded MX versions of the simplest mobile GeForce models, with fast GDDR5 memory to replace the DDR3

One last record before we separate: The GeForce GTX 980 Ti is booming to 2.2GHz

The renowned OVERCLOCKER K | NGP | N used a model that he himself helped the EVGA create to break the record speed and record performance for NVIDIA's leading core