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The next middle market champion? AMD will soon unveil the Radeon R9 380X card

The red actress is making a heir worthy of one of her best video cards

Goodbye Catalyst, Hello Crimson: AMD drivers are changing their faces

The chip developer has decided to rebrand the drivers for its Radeon cards with an up-to-date look and more options

End of Days Vision: AMD and NVIDIA video cards work together, and it works well

Microsoft has assured us that DirectX 12 will allow us to mix various kinds of video cards. The next experiment proves that this is certainly feasible

Drivers for the latest games? Only through the GeForce Experience

Users are again angry at NVIDIA, this time due to a decision to require registration and installation of software dedicated to the drivers that accompany the major game launches

Always indulge: Buy a NVIDIA card and get a fresh UBSsoft title

The new Core Cube Developer will provide you with a free choice between Assassins Creed Syndicate and Rainbow Six Siege, if you choose to purchase a GTX 970 card or better

The winter will be hot; prepare for the dual-core graphics cards

Alongside the dual Radeon Fury we've seen for a moment in the past, it seems that the NVIDIA competitor has a plan to launch its own dual flag. The ultimate performance test of the current generation?

Line alignment: AMD launches the Radeon R9 370X

The red maker is competing with the GeForce GTX 950, which is actually the Radeon HD 7870 equipped with a new color layer

Maxwell Seafront: Meet the GeForce GTX 950

The cheapest Maxwell 2.0 model is here, and hopes to prove itself as a worthy replacement for the favorite GeForce GTX 750 Ti

MSI's GeForce GTX 980 Ti Lightning card has been unveiled

One of the most recognized and advanced brands in the graphics card market is finally adopting NVIDIA's most advanced GTX model. Will we have a new performance king?

Expensive but groundbreaking: Everything you need to know about the Radeon R9 Nano

The card that promises great performance in a tiny package is fully exposed and surprisingly successful, but it can still disappoint many of those waiting for it

The AMD Radeon R9 Nano Card was launched

The compact and super efficient AMD card is officially presented with a higher than expected price tag

Continues to run over: NVIDIA controls 82 percent of the video card market

New information indicates that the gap between the green and AMD manufacturers is greater than ever, and the creation of a monopoly may actually occur in the not-so-distant future

NVIDIA's economic performance: Revenues are rising, but not everything glows

The chipmaker from Santa Clara experienced another quality quarter, but was forced to hit its profit line following the failure to implement the software modem technology it had acquired

Crazy rumor: NVIDIA's Pascal core will include 17 billion transistors

Is the full-featured NVIDIA next-generation kernel likely to have twice as many transistors as the Titan X, plus up to 32GB of ultra-fast HBM2 graphics?

The black day of AMD

The Sunnyvale chipmaker presents particularly dismal quarterly results, with a large revenue drop and a loss of 180 million. Will Radeon Fury manage to save her before it's too late?

The Radeon Fury in Reviews: Life and Death in the Hand of Haste

The second video card based on the core of the Fiji is already here, with performance that transcends the GTX 980 but at a price that complicates matters

AMD Announces: Switching to 3D FinFET Terminals

In addition to expectations for very low revenues, AMD is discovering that they will skip the 20 nanometer lithograph and jump directly to a generation of 16 or 14 nanometers, with 3D FinFET transistors

The specification of the air-cooled Radeon Fury is exposed

Fury X's small and friable brother will be launched in about a week, and we get almost full detail of the features he will bring with him to fight the GeForce GTX 980

And now for dessert: NVIDIA is preparing new GeForce GTX 950 cards

After the battle between the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and the Radeon Fury X ended in a kind of thunderous draw, NVIDIA reportedly reportedly launches new intermediate models based on Maxwell 2.0

AMD Super Console: Learn more about Project Quantum

So what exactly will include AMD's futuristic gaming machine, which guarantees smooth play of 60 frames per second or higher in any 4K mode? The details begin to appear on the web, and they are surprising

Equal but different: Radeon Fury X musk and gets positive reviews

AMD's new flagship card is finally here, and although it can not beat the competition from NVIDIA, it seems to be a good alternative, cool and quiet for high resolutions

The launch and the disappointment: The Radeon 300 series leaves everyone in the loop

AMD's new series of graphics cards (for the middle market?) Has been launched, and it seems that various critics also have trouble deciding whether this is a good update or an ugly attempt to derail the players

The performance of the Fury X begins to flow into the network: the best there is?

A few days after the impressive launch, the technical details about AMD's new flagship products for the graphics processing market are beginning to light up, and with them are the first and most promising performance tests

AMD is furious, we all enjoy (updated)

The chip developer launched its new generation of graphics cards in a loud voice and surprised everyone with a dual-core Fuji-based model and even a tiny Nano model designed to eliminate the GeForce GTX 970

Report: NVIDIA's Pascal generation is already in production

While AMD is in the final preparations to launch the parallel generation of GeForce 900, NVIDIA is already in the midst of preparations for the next generation, which promises to bring some breakthrough technologies