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Just before the exposure, here's all the details about AMD's new generation of graphics cards

A lot of name refreshes and one big Fury that stands above all of them: all you need to know about AMD's new graphics cards is already on the net, supposedly before the actual launch

The sucker who did not wait: The GeForce GTX 980 Ti lands in stores

NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 980 Ti, the most advanced non-Titan graphics card, designed for performance enthusiasts who want optimal 4K performance and are willing to pay substantial amounts

Radeon R9 390X Versus GeForce GTX 980 Ti: The battle has already started

AMD and NVIDIA are poised to battle giants with new monstrous video cards to compete for the new performance peak

The trick that will add performance to your GeForce card

Do you know how to stream a picture directly to your Shield tablet? Well, it turns out that it is sipping some of the performance of the NVIDIA card on your computer - and there is also a solution

NVIDIA expands its control of the graphics card market

The manufacturer in green now controls more than three-quarters of the dedicated graphics card market - and the following illustrates the extent to which the power relations between it and competitor AMD have changed over the last decade

FreeSync: All you need to know about AMD's ultimate image tearing solution

AMD's new and spoken technology, which promises to allow you to have a smooth and complete gaming experience without sacrificing performance, is here to explain how and how you can enjoy it.

AMD 2020: A chip developer introducing vision until the end of the decade

The chip developer has detailed plans for the next five years - and the APU chips are the main ingredient in them, after all

Radeon R9 370 - Coming soon on store shelves?

According to recent information coming to the network, AMD's new generation of video cards may start its attack in the middle market

The Titan on the way? A first glimpse into NVIDIA's new graphics core

New data from the popular GPU-Z software provides us with a first introduction to the core of the GM210 - the one that will take full advantage of the Maxwell architecture for unprecedented performance

The next generation AMD and NVIDIA graphics chips are delayed

The reason for the delay is the lack of chips in the advanced lithography of 20 and 16 nanometers, which are supplied for other purposes and are more "urgent" than the manufacture of smart chips for companies such as Apple and Qualcomm

Anti-Aliasing - The quick guide to smoothing jagged edges in games

Many times gamers find themselves encountering anti-aliasing (AA) in games and do not quite know what to choose - the names are confusing, the effects are different and so is the impact on performance. We are here to make you order about the various types of advanced filter so that you can choose wisely the effect that best suits you

Watch: NVIDIA's MFAA technology premiere

The latest version of the NVIDIA driver, in the 344.75 version, finally enables the use of MFAA technology in the company's new GM204 core-based cards

NVIDIA on the defensive: hot games for free, but not for everyone (updated)

Anodia Launches Pick Your Path - a bonus for accepting a free PC game in the purchase of one of its powerful video cards, but with some limitations

NVIDIA's DSR technology - from now on to older video cards

Anodia enables the use of DSR in its latest official driver for Fermi and Kepler-based video cards

R9 290X Exposed: The King is naked and has nothing to hide

The R9-290X video card, designed by HIS and XFX, has been dismantled and revealed what is happening under the hood of the new graphics card from the new AMD series - there are also performance tests!

G.Skill in new RipJawsZ Memories for all requires

G.Skill, a leader in fast memory, expands the award-winning RipjawsZ family with no less than 15 ultra-fast DDR3 memory packs

Radeon R7 260X - the most popular video card coming soon?

It's the turn of the middle brother in AMD's gang to be exposed and this time the R7 260X stands on stage and shows that he's not going to be a sucker

The new Corsair suppliers team, the RM Series

The hardware giant Corsair has unveiled a series of modular, high efficiency and exemplary quiet suppliers

Monster at the door: the video card Radeon R9 290X coming

After the fog has cleared, the technical specifications of the silicon chip that will drive the next-generation AMD chipset from the next-generation AMD chip are revealed

Asus: The strongest on LGA2011 gets even stronger

As part of a move to revitalize the LGA2011 chassis, ASUS is unveiling a powerful and highly muscular motherboard, the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition

AMD: Changing the branding of video cards in the near generation?

Rumors have it that AMD intends to change how the next-generation graphics cards are switched - full details here

Technical details of the Radeon HD 9000 series were leaked

Now, of course, AMD is about to release its Radeon HD 9000 secret card series

A huge fire broke out at one of Hynix's facilities

Yesterday afternoon (local time) a massive fire broke out at the production facility of SK Hynix plants in Wuxi city in China

Rumor: Windows 9 and 10 features have been leaked

Rumor: The technical specifications of the next two versions of the Windows operating system will be leaked out, Windows 9 and Windows 10.

Intel Festival - Launches New 29 processors

Intel is releasing its new line of processors with no less than 29 processors, both for the desktop market and for the mobile market