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The next wave of Haswell processors is expected to arrive in September

The next wave of aswell processors is expected to arrive in September and will include eight new processors, most of which will go to the business and home markets

Will the first aswell processors block the next chipset?

Will the first aswell processors fail to support the following LGA1150 chipsets?

DirectX 11.2 - the new AMD Radeon?

AMD announced that its graphics processors will not support full DirectX 11.2 support, at least not in the current generation

Leaked details about the launch of new NVIDIA cards this year

NVIDIA's Kepler series is expected to expand this year, and will probably also promote the launch of the Maxwell series

MSI Lightning GTX 780 - Light Blue

Leaked images of the GeForce GTX 780 Lightning just before its release, such a lightning have not yet seen

Beta 9471 Windows 8.1 build leaked to the network

Windows 8.1 build 9471, will this be the latest beta before the official release?

3DMark: Now Spectacular and Ever-Advanced (Update: Released!)

The festive launch of the next version of the popular performance test comes tomorrow, prepare your graphics cards

Zotac introduces tiny computers

Zotac offers ultra-compact computers in a variety of sizes and specifications, and of course several video cards

NVIDIA Geforce GTX560 Ti - Do not let size mislead

This time we took two versions of the same card: the NVIDIA GTX560 Ti and the MSI TwinFrozrll GTX560 Ti. How do the cards deal with each other and AMD's competitors? Read on

Summary Year 2010: Video Cards

In honor of the New Year it is time to summarize the events of the year 2010 in a series of articles when the first of them will deal in the market for graphics cards

HYDRA 200 - unlimited flexibility

The LucidLogix HYDRA 200 chip provides unlimited flexibility in assembling various types of graphics cards