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Mechanical Warfare: 12 terabyte for the home market and 14 terabyte for servers

The new works of Seagate and Western Digital remind us that technological development is not stopping, even in the old and challenging category of hard drives

More volume, less money: The Sandisk Ultra II Sandisk Ultra II drive

The Sandisk Ultra II is an SSD that offers respectable volumes for a relatively low price tag. How does he do it, and how does he work?

Now at Amazon: Seagate hard drives at surprising sales prices

Very good prices for 3 terabytes and 6 terabytes at 7200RPM, which should be exploited as soon as possible

Another big deal: Western Digital will buy SanDisk at 19 billion

The maker of hard drives is set to leapfrog into the world of flash chips with the acquisition of the US chip maker and developer

Now in the forums: Let's contribute information to the volume storage buffer

Do you have hard drives that have recently lost their soul, old SSDs that are still alive and kicking? Share the information with us so we can create a smarter, smarter storage pool based on the wisdom of the masses

Still alive and kicking: A new 6TB hard drive for home users

Western Digital expands its Black product line with a new 6 terabyte drive, reminding us that the older technology can still be relevant

SanDisk makes SSD drives with a volume of 8 terabytes

Do not 2 or 4 terabytes really impress you? SanDisk plans to launch 2.5 SSD drives in 8 terabytes in the coming year

On the way up: One-third of the laptops sold today include SSDs

Information from the TrendForce market research group makes it clear that mechanical drives are still very relevant on laptops, but SSDs reduce the time, and at peak speeds

4 TARGET IN YOUR POCKET: Samsung is introducing a portable drive of huge size and size

The Korean giant and Seagate remind us that mechanical drives are still the volume champions, with 4TB portable hard drives that you can pocket

CES 2015: Vision for Hybrid Drives, according to Western Digital

The world's largest hard drive manufacturer continues to advance the vision of dual hybrid drives with a prototype that includes 4TB mechanical hard drives combined with an 128GB SSD drive - and with the high speeds of the new SATA Express

SSDs on all laptops - within a year from now?

The boss of the humble SSD controller manufacturer Phison presents a far-reaching vision in which SSDs in 128GB and 256GB volumes will replace mechanical drives on laptops - in a year or two from today

Seagate presents: Rigid 8TB at an affordable price

The hard drives manufacturer reminds SDD drives of all sorts that with all due respect to the progress they make during this period - they have much more to strive for in terms of volume / cost relations

Hard drives refuse to die: 100TB drives within a decade

According to the latest ASTC roadmap, mechanical hard drives are expected to continue to improve and reach huge volumes in the next few years - with a jump of more than tenfold to 2025

Data that may predict the death of your hard drive

The Backblaze backup company has investigated 40,000 SMART monitoring data and hard drives and presents five data that may help you discover, prematurely, when your drive will fail

15 Terabyte Hard Drives - Already next year?

TDK introduces new heads for HAMR-based hard drives, which will significantly increase the storage capabilities we know today

They're here: First 10 terabyte drive from Hitachi

Seagate's first 8 terabyte has a particularly short fame, now that Hitachi is announcing its first terabyte 10 drive

The Mynkraft player built a hard drive inside the game

8,192 Circuits comprise Cody Little's hard drive project, all built with great determination and patience in Minecraft

Coming soon: 5 hard drives and 6 terabytes

Seagate's roadmap for hard drives has been exposed to the business market: 5 terabyte drives are expected to arrive in the coming months, and 6 terabytes are available in the next year

Petabyte CDs may become reality

An innovative development by a team of scientists from Swinburne University could allow the creation of optical media in an unbelievable volume - three times larger than modern hard drives

Western Digital launches ultra-thin hard drives

WD's new UltraSlim drives offer 500GB of 5 mm thickness and consumer-friendly price for urban competitors - SSD drives

Seagate's hybrid drive revolution

Seagate announces a far-reaching change in direction in the company: introducing hybrid drives to replace the company's high-market drives

Hard drives full of helium, the next big thing

Hitachi and Western Digital announce a new generation of helium-powered hard drives that promise to be quieter, more durable, more economical - and with much more storage

Seagate is working to improve the density of hard drives

The manufacturer of hard drives announces a "peak density" of terabytes per square inch thanks to the HAMR technology, makes us feel a slight deja vu

Heat-based storage will break the world of hard drives?

An international team of researchers has found that heat-based magnetic storage can enable transmission speeds that are hundreds of times higher than today's hard drives

Scarcity is bad? Seagate triples profits

Natural disasters can be a very lucrative business if you are on the right side of the map