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The Biggest, Fastest: Leapfrogging in the Samsung HBM2 Memories

The Korean giant is taking advantage of its lead in the chip world to announce mass production for ever more agile graphic memories

In the next round of graphics cards: Micron's GDDR6 chips are on the way to mass production

A device that will try to steal the performance crown from the HBM2 is almost ready to grab the central stage

And a wolf with a lamb: the technology that enables Intel to integrate AMD's graphics cores into its products

The end-of-life vision of the chip market turns out to be true: Intel has the ability to integrate different types of chips into the same processing unit, thus opening up a window for groundbreaking applications and applications

Coming much closer to video cards? Samsung expands its mass production to HBM2

Memories with a very wide interface that are built on the graphic core graphics card chassis may become much more popular in the near future